California: Police Respond To ”Active Shooter Situation” At YouTube Campus

Police in California are responding to an incident at YouTube headquarters after gunshots were reported. The YouTube headquarters, located in San Bruno, California, have been surrounded by authorities and ambulances.

ABC News reports that the Stanford Medical Center has said that it is treating four to five people. Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital and Trauma Center has also said that it is treating people.

A video recently showed a few emergency team members standing by while a group of about ten police officers entered the headquarters. Google, which acquired YouTube back in 2006, has said that it is investigating a possible gunfire incident. Reports say more than 1,500 people work at the YouTube headquarters.

Todd Sherman, product manager at YouTube, tweeted that they were sitting in a meeting and then they heard running because it was rumbling on the floor. He says they first thought it was an earthquake. He adds that they exited the room but didn’t know what was going on. He says that as they were heading towards the exit, someone said there was a person with a gun. In one of the several tweets he posted during the incident, he says he saw blood drips on the floor and stairs.

His tweet was a reply to Vadim Lavrusik, a product manager at YouTube, who tweeted that there was an active shooter at the headquarters. In the tweet, he says he heard shots and saw people running while at his desk. His tweet finishes by saying that he is barricaded in a room with coworkers. He tweeted that he was safe an hour later.

Pictures from local media and Reuters show employees leaving the building with their hands raised. The Google Communications account recently tweeted that they continue to actively coordinate with local authorities and hospitals. The tweet adds that their security team has been working closely with authorities to evacuate the buildings and ensure the safety of their employees.

UPDATE: Authorities say the shooter has taken her own life and that she injured four people. A spokesman for Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital and Trauma Center has said that two of the victims are in critical condition while a third is in fair condition. San Bruno Police are asking everyone to stay away from the area. They have also confirmed  that the shooting suspect was a woman.