Authorities in China have used facial recognition technology to catch a man who attended a concert. The concert wasn’t a small event, it was actually attended by 60,000 people, including the man.

The suspect was at a concert by Jacky Cheung and didn’t think it was any risk since there was a crowd of 60,000 people. The concert took place in the city of Nanchang last weekend.

Surprised By The Arrest

The facial recognition technology helped identify him from the large crowd. Authorities said the 31-year-old man was wanted for ”economic crimes”. Reports say the arrest caught the man by surprise. One police officer told the Xinhua news agency that he looked surprised when they found him.

Authorities identified him with the cameras in the entrance. The police officer added that there were a number of cameras equipped with facial recognition technology there. He says the suspect thought the police would not be able to catch him from that crowd so quickly.

Authorities identified him in the entrance and made the arrest after he sat down for the concert. Reports say the man had driven 56 miles to go see the concert with his wife. Footage posted by several news sites appears to show the man speaking after he was caught, saying he wouldn’t have gone to the concert if he knew.

Facial Recognition Technology

China, the world’s most populous country, has a network of more than 170 million surveillance cameras. The country has heavily invested in this technology and millions more are said to be coming in the next few years. A lot of these cameras are equipped with facial recognition technology and artificial intelligence. In September 2017, China installed 20 million cameras, which they say will be used to help track down fugitives and fight crime. In January, The Guardian reported that the country was testing a facial recognition system that alerts authorities when a suspect is matched to a list of suspects. Bloomberg reported that testing for the system began back in 2017.

Last month, reports revealed that Chinese authorities had expanded their program of sunglasses equipped with facial recognition technology. The technology was used earlier this year but Reuters recently reported that the testing had expanded to the outskirts of Beijing. Before the expansion, the sunglasses were being tested across train stations. The technology reportedly led to several arrests.