Earlier this week, claims that a green moon would be visible on Friday went viral on Facebook. The green moon hoax has quickly spread across the website, with many actually believing that it will happen.

The green moon hoax actually started as a joke but some have started to share the information believing that it is real. The hoax has gone so viral that experts have now had to confirm to people that it is not happening.

EarthSky tweeted just hours ago that the green moon has actually been one of the most searched topics on their website. The popularity of the search means that some people actually believe that this will happen on Friday, April 20.

Reports say the green moon hoax is nothing new but the difference now is that it has gone viral, with many sharing the information and waiting for the event. The claims say that the moon will be green for the first time in 420 years on April 20. The green moon hoax is something that was made up a few years back and it comes from the date 4/20, the numerical code for marijuana.

The green moon hoax has been around for years and Snopes.com reveals that it all started with a post that was made two years ago. In the fake post, a user claims that a green moon will appear in the sky for the first time since 1847. That post didn’t go viral but the green moon has returned once again. This time, the wrong information has been read by many people, including those that don’t know that there is a joke behind this.

The green moon hoax isn’t the first to go viral on the website. Not too long ago, something similar caught the attention of millions of users around the world. In February, a fake Facebook Live video was viewed by 16 million people.

The video, which was a still image of a supermoon in Greece, was on the website for four hours. The live video was only a still image with wind sounds and a timestamp. The video was taken down and Facebook later confirmed to CNN that it was removed for violating the site’s policies. The page behind the live video was also said to be behind a live video of Hurricane Irma that ended up being a looped GIF of another hurricane that struck years ago.




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