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How does homework help students work independently?

Homework is essential in the learning process and a key to raising independent and ambitious students. Despite the frustrations that may come along with homework, it gives parents and teachers an opportunity to gauge every child’s strengths and weaknesses. They are also able to know what to do to improve the weak areas of every student to ensure that they become independent and self-reliant.

It is vital to allow students to attempt homework on their own before offering our help. That way you will be able to know what each student can understand on his/her own. Whereas teachers are there to support the students, the primary goal of any learning institution or family is to help the students become educated and responsible people who can take charge of their lives.

Every time we make students to complete assignments on their own, it is a step towards making them independent and self-assured grownups. We cannot underestimate the importance of homework. This article explains how homework helps students work independently.

Homework and good Time management

Proper time management is one of the critical characteristics of a student who can work independently. When a teacher gives homework to his students, he also sets the deadline for submitting the assignment. Students are, therefore, required to submit the assignment on or before the deadline.

Moreover, the students are required to submit work adequately done, and this means that they must manage their time well so as achieve that. If the students have to seek assistance in doing the homework, then they must do it on time to avoid being late. The students, therefore, understand that it is their responsibility to complete the assignment properly and to ensure they submit it on time. Failure to do that may attract punishment from their parents or teachers.

Some parents have set a specific time for their children to do homework. They also have non-negotiable rules that the kids must follow to complete the homework. The reason for doing this is to ensure that their children can manage their time for completing the assignment and they remain disciplined concerning time management. Homework, therefore, plays an essential role in helping students work independently. At times, despite the parent’s effort, students may not have enough time to complete their assignments. The assignment may also be beyond their capability, and they may need some assistance. In such a situation, the students can use a custom writing organization, such as

Homework and the ability to set priorities

Setting priorities is another quality of a student who can work independently. If a student can prioritize tasks, he will quickly get things done. He will be able to complete homework and other assignments within the available time.

At times a student may not be able to complete tasks in his or her daily checklist for failure to plan his or her work well. Some students also prioritize homework depending on its value, which means that they will quickly ignore or poorly do assignments with lower marks. They also treat assignments with less impact on their overall grades the same way. However, their teacher may insist that every student must do all assignments properly.

Notwithstanding all that, homework helps a student to prioritize tasks depending on the deadline for submission, and the time needed to complete a given assignment. At first, they may have challenges in doing so, but with time they can plan for their assignments on their own, and even transfer the skills to other tasks not related to school work. Consequently, they learn how to plan for their work independently.

Homework and Responsible Students

Responsibility and independence are strongly related. They are essential qualities that enable students to prosper in adult life. Responsibility is the students’ capacity to manage their own lives. Independence is the ability of the students to take responsibility for their lives without unnecessary dependence on other people.

Therefore, a responsible student can do various tasks including school work independently without asking for needless assistance from parents or teachers. They can handle most of the tasks in their daily lives, plan, and complete homework properly and on time, confess their role in mistakes, and endeavor to rectify those mistakes. On the contrary, irresponsible students will continually rely on other people to make choices, forgo duties, miss deadlines, or continuously blame their mistakes on other students.

Some teachers will grade assignments, while others will only check for its completion. In spite of that, the completion of homework show valuable study skills, and it is an essential assessment of personal responsibility. Parents and teachers normally allow more freedom and opportunities to students who are committed to their learning.

Responsible students are accountable, reliable and trustworthy. Responsibility nurtures other qualities like respect and kindness. It is the core of good citizenship, independence, and employability. Homework, therefore, promotes responsibility and independence in students, and this makes it possible for them to work independently.

Homework and being organized

The organization also plays a role in being independent. Most parents ensure that their children have a specific place where they stay while doing homework. They also ensure that the children have come with all the tools required for each assignment. The parents may be forced for some time to remind the children to work from the assigned homework station and always to carry the necessary tools. However, after some time the kid will get used to the situation. The efforts help the student to become organized and independent. Homework, therefore, provides an opportunity for the parents to teach their kids on how to work independently, and this is helpful even in school.

An organized student can do homework carefully and meet deadlines. Therefore, the student is committed to his or her school work, and this may help improve his or her performance. Organized students are responsible, independent and trustworthy. They are also useful time managers who find it easy to set priorities for school work. Such students can take charge of their education and other tasks in their daily lives. All these achievements are made possible through homework. Hence, homework is essential in helping students work independently and responsibly.

Andy Debolt
Andy is a graduate of the University of Minnesota with a Bachelors Degree in Journalism. When he isn't writing Andy enjoys water sports and spending time on the golf course.


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