Leaked Image of Xiaomi Blackshark Shows An Interesting Design

Xiaomi has been making a lot of news lately for its Mi Mix 2S and its much rumored Mi 7. But there is another big release that the company might soon make. We’re talking about the mysterious phone known as the Blackshark.

In recent months, there have been a lot of rumors on the phone. The launch was pretty much confirmed a few days ago when reports surfaced that the company was sending invites for an event on April 13.

The new leak, which comes from Weibo, is one of the most interesting so far as it shows the design for the phone. The image shows someone holding a device with a strange design on the top. It actually looks like some case that holds the game controls. The Blackshark is said to be a gaming phone, so a case like this would make sense.

On the back, we also see that the rest of the phone has a design like one of those rugged smartphones. The back actually reminds me a lot of the CAT S60 and the Doogee S60. We’re not sure if that’s actually the back of the phone or part of the case that we see at the top of the phone. There’s also horizontal dual cameras with a LED flash on the back.

Reports revealed earlier this year that Xiaomi had acquired the mobile gaming company to create gaming smartphones. The leaked image does not show a Xiaomi logo but the case does say Black Shark. There is also green S on the back with a font that reminds us a lot of other gaming PCs and phones.

The upcoming smartphone will compete with other gaming smartphones such as the Razer Phone, which was announced and released back in November. In recent weeks, we’ve seen plenty of rumors on the specs. The phone is said to be powered by a Snapdragon 845 processor, which can be found on phones such as the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S and Galaxy S9. The phone is also said to have 8GB of RAM and an under-display fingerprint sensor.

The leaked image reveals an interesting design but there are plenty of other things that we still don’t know about the smartphone. The good news is that the launch is set for April 13.

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