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Sophia Rose Turino Snapchat Username -2018 Profile ID

Sophia Rose Turino is a 12-year-old actress and model. She has appeared in advertisements for large brands such as UGGs and Sketchers. In recent years, she has gotten more glamorous roles in music videos, most notably in the Canadian pop singer Johnny Orlando’s video for Missing You.

How Sophia Rose Turino Got Famous

Sophia was born on May 6th, 2005 in California. Her make-up artist mother initially got her into ballet at a very young age. That did not hold her interest for long – she was only involved in the dance for three years before she quit. She decided to focus on her modeling and acting skills. Lately, she has also been keeping her eye on a music career and has been practicing for that.

Sophia started out in print advertisements with shoe companies UGGS and Sketchers. She is signed with modeling agency LA Models, which landed her exciting parts in multiple music videos. She is also on a 2017 episode of Rich Kids of Instagram. In addition to appearing in Johnny Orlando’s music video, she has also made an appearance on his Instagram feed.

Sophia Rose Turino Snapchat Name – sophiarose_625

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Sophia Rose Turino Other Social Media Accounts

Sophia Rose Turino Personal Facebook Account

There are at least four different Facebook profiles and official profiles that are attributed to Sophia, but none of them have the blue checkmark of approval. She does not have an official account that was verified, which involves the celebrity in question filing a verification request. Until the little blue checkmark is obtained, it is difficult to differentiate the impersonators from the real person.

Sophia Rose Turino Twitter Username


Sophia joined Twitter in January of 2017. She uses it to post many of her spur of the moment thoughts, such as how badly she wants foods such as Chick-fil-A and boba tea. In over a year, she has only posted 21 times to her 3,086 followers.

Sophia Rose Turino Instagram Username


Unlike her Twitter account, Sophia keeps up with her Instagram feed. She has 221,000 followers on the platform as of this writing and has posted over 200 times. The photos in her posts are a fun mix of professional modeling pics and impromptu selfies with her adorable gray cat or her friends.

Sophia Rose Turino Kik Username 

Sophia Rose does not appear to have a Kik username.

Sophia Rose Turino Youtube Username

Sophia does not have her own YouTube channel. Her fans have made videos of her Instagram photos or uploaded her live Instagram videos onto the platform.

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