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Supa Peach Snapchat Username – 2018 Profile ID

About Supa Peach

Born as Peach Hernandez, Supa Peach is a rising star in the rap game. Born in Atlanta, Georgia, but raised in the Virgin Islands, Supa Peach has seen more of the world than most people twice her age. At age 10, Supa Peach started performing and uploading videos of her performances to YouTube, which is a trend that still continues to this day. She frequently posts videos of her singing, rapping, and dancing on YouTube.

Supa Peach’s biggest break came in 2016 when she entered the Lifetime reality show “The Rap Game.” This show is based out of Atlanta, so it only seems fitting that Supa Peach gained popularity near her birthplace. Unfortunately, Supa Peach did not win the recording contract with So So Def Recordings Label, but she gained a wide fan base and tons of exposure. She became a fan favorite due to her frequent conflicts with her co-stars. Supa Peach is frequently outspoken about her rivalry with a fellow Rap Game contestant, Miss Mulatto.

To this day, Supa Peach and Miss Mulatto continue to feud. At the time, Miss Mulatto was 17 years old and Supa Peach was only 12. Miss Mulatto would frequently harass Supa Peach about her lyrics, and eventually, the families and even agents would get involved. This controversy and infighting brought fame (or infamy) to both women.

Supa Peach is only 15 years old, so for the time being, she is still in high school. She lives with her mother Josetta and her sister Precious in Georgia. After high school, she hopes to start her own rapping and singing career, and even aims to start her own record label.

Supa Peach’s Snapchat Username – supa.peach

Supa Peach’s Snapchat account is supa.peach. You can add her by going here, by entering her name in the Snapchat app yourself, or by scanning the Snapcode posted above.

Supa Peach’s Other Social Media Accounts

Instagram – Supa Peach’s Instagram can be found here where she has more than 1.1 million followers. She frequently posts updates and advertisements for her coming performances.

Twitter – Her Twitter can be found here which is very similar to her Instagram. She has around 47,000 followers on Twitter and posts several times weekly.

Facebook – Supa Peach’s Facebook can be found here where she frequently interacts with her fans. She has more than 42,000 followers on Facebook.

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