Writing a Paper on Politics: Presidential Twitter Accounts You Need to Check Out

Presidential Twitter accounts have become very influential political strategic platforms. Here`s top 5 of them for writing a paper on politics.

Top 5 Presidential Twitter Accounts for Writing a Paper on Politics

Everyone has thought about what it`s like being a President at least once in a lifetime. We may imagine what kind of changes we would implement, what reforms would be introduced, and what fields should be renovated. However, often students just stop the flow of those ambitious thoughts at the moment when they, as presidents, are signing a decree which forbids any kind of homework (especially essays) and grades at university. We would agree with such a presidential decision, those are just inhumane.

Unfortunately, we don`t have enough of power or influence to set you free from doing homework, but we surely have another effective suggestion. Just address a reputable paper writing service, and all your worries will disappear into thin air. If you still decide that an essay on politics is a challenge, you need to accept that, as usual, we are going to help you out.

Modern politics revolves around such an influential factor as social media. Many presidential companies are focusing on Twitter or Facebook users in order to gain more support for certain candidates. In this situation, a Twitter account of a head of state doesn`t just play the role of a transmitter of important decisions and political messages, it turns into a manipulative tool. Perhaps, you`d like to emphasize that in your essay. Anyway, this list of top accounts will be rather interesting and useful for you.


There are two important names that should be included here because it`s really hard to choose one, and we hope you`ll agree with those choices. Former American President Barack Obama is definitely worth your attention, and his Twitter account is waiting for your analysis. Despite the fact that he`s no longer the head of the US, he hasn`t lost his Twitter influence. In fact, Obama has an impressive number of 101 million followers which makes him the most popular world leader (among the former and present ones) in the community of this social media platform. On top of that, his tweet about Charlottesville violence, which occurred in August of 2017, holds the world`s record of the 4th most retweeted message in history. Quite impressive, isn`t it? What can we say? Barack Obama is really popular, that`s why we had to include him.

It`s impossible not to mention Donald Trump as the current American leader. He`s got half as many Twitter followers as Barack Obama (49.7 million to be exact), however, he`s way more active on the platform. He must be really good at speed typing because Trump has a whopping number of providing the worldwide audience with 5-6 tweets a day. How often do you Tweet? Are you able to keep up with Donald Trump`s pace? The account of President of the planet`s only superpower state is highly important, so, of course, you should consider quoting it while writing an essay.

In total, current POTUS has an overwhelming number of 37.2 thousand tweets. So, calm down, take your time, you`ve got a lot of information to analyze.

President of Mexico

We`ve mentioned Donald Trump, and now it`s time to take a look at the Twitter account of his opponent. It`s kind of a one-sided hostility though, and you understand whose side is this, right? During the presidential election campaign, current POTUS kept going on and on about that infamous wall on the Mexican border that he was going to build with the money of the Mexican government. Anyway, it has led to increasing popularity of the president of the States` south neighbor on Twitter. Enrique Peña Nieto has 7,14 million followers, and the more severe the rivalry will become, the more followers each part will be getting. Enrique Peña Nieto tweets exceptionally in Spanish, and that earns him respect of the fellow citizens, creating troubles for international journalists and, well, for students who are analyzing his posted political statements.

President of Indonesia

First and foremost, we need to gather Presidents which represent different parts of the world and are popular on Twitter, right? Joko Widodo (who has almost 10 million followers) suits this characteristic just perfectly. By the way, former Indonesian President S.B. Yudhoyono was also practically a rock star of Twitter in the time of his administration with 10 million followers. The country we`re talking about in this passage has noticeably strengthened its political and economic worldwide influence by participating in various international meetings and summits. Joko Widodo is said to represent the new generation, so you can analyze the Twitter activity and political decisions of both presidents mentioned here. It will give you a better picture of Indonesian development.

President of France

Emmanuel Macron may have beaten Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in the competition of the most handsome world leaders, but Trudeau is still ahead with the number of his Twitter followers, having 4.09 million people subscribed to his page in comparison to Macron`s 2.83 million. French President is undoubtedly a social media fan due to his noticeable activity on Twitter. He has gotten himself a reputation of a straightforward and determined politician and these are the traits that you can clearly spot in his tweets. Do you speak French, by the way? There is no way that President of the country which is excessively proud of their mother tongue would tweet in English!

President of Russia

Well, where do we even begin? You see, as a student who is genuinely (at least your professors at university hope so) interested in politics, you can`t let this politician slip past your attention. The Twitter “love” triangle which includes Trump, Macron, and Putin is especially interesting to analyze. Russian president doesn`t have too many followers (2.33 million in case you were interested), but he`s got hundreds of millions of worshippers in his country, and this is a number that he values much more.

This Twitter account can`t be considered the source of highly important information which may shape international relations. You won`t even find Putin`s political statements there. It works mostly like yet another Russian propaganda machine, and that`s why analyzing it will be so interesting.