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7 Best Kodi Skins 2018 (XBMC Skins)

Watching your favorite TV Shows, movies, and films has never been as easier as it is with the free open source Kodi skins. Besides being readily installable across a wide range of devices, from Kodi iOS to Windows & Linux, they are easily customizable to suit your preferences.

You can now enjoy comprehensive home entertainment through these 8 Kodi skins, ranking as the best in the market.

#1 Back Row

Emulating and evoking the feeling of a movie theatre, Back Row is among the most popular. The setup is filled with real usefulness, not merely looking like a cinema and concentrating on visualizations.

Though nothing serious, Back Row requires users to use the wireless HTPC keyboard when altering visualization options. The menus are ingeniously turned to mimic film rolls, with the background depicting theater chairs and curtains.

TV Shows and Movies Visualizations

Flicking through the countless playlists is a marvel, enhancing your user experience even further. You’ll just have to play around with the direction arrows to achieve your desired visualization.

There are numerous android remote apps to make this and other processes seamless.

#2 Xperience 1080

Banking heavily on customer feedback, Xperience 1080 simplifies its navigation menu through the use of articulate tiles. Traditional drop-down menus are an instant turn off! Primarily featuring a dark color, it is easy on your eyes especially at night.

The 1080p resolution means that it looks excellent on any TV set; larger screens display exceptionally well.


If you own an Xbox One, you’ll find this Kodi skin strikingly similar in use. The familiarity extends beyond the homescreen, resulting in a rare theme and endless interest. There are as many movies as there are music videos, all updated frequently.

#3 Aeon Nox 5

This skin is designed to fully customize your favorite Kodi-powered HTPC. You can choose to go with minimalistic, cleaner, and many other options. By ultimately allowing you to setup your ideal movie theater, you never have to look for other sources of entertainment.

For the best results and easiest navigation, clients are advised to use the wireless HTPC keyboard, coming with a trackpad. You can also use a range of other pointing devices and android remote applications.

Big Fonts, Snappy Fast

Clearly an astounding first impression, the ribbon menu is easy to navigate. It is customizable and you are at liberty to add or remove items. Beneath these are submenus, further breaking down the wide range of content on offer.

The smooth and snappy transitions look neat, imploring you to dig deeper. Pleasant visualizations range from panels to banners to icons.

#4 Titan

With many users describing it as being an ingeniously surprising platform, a lot has good into setting it apart from its competition. Media is shown in a uniquely complete and concise way, ranking it as having one of the best visualizations.

A whopping 34 visualizations are in place to appease to all preferences. In additions, users can utilize the 11 pre-manufactured theme colors for different times of the day, for instance.

Amazingly Versatile

There is no limit to the number of input methods you can use with it, including touchscreens. Pre-visualizations are in place to make your choices more sound and informed. Audio and video options can be changed through the OSD playback menu.

If you want to locate specific parts of a movie, use the seeking bar for instant results.

#5 Amber

If you are looking for a light entertainment solution, Amber offers that and much more. Emphasis has been placed on responsiveness and elegance, ensuring no lag time is experienced.

It is readily compatible with Kodi versions above Gotham. Regardless of the device you use, setting up is easy thanks to the aesthetics and vibrancy. Touch support makes it overwhelmingly less demanding.

Customization Options

Once add ons are customized, users can place them in their favorites list for easy access. They are displayed in a horizontal, easier to navigate format. Otherwise, you run the risk of downloading add ons and never using them.

#6 ReFocus

Are you one of those people who would rather not watch sci-fi and deal with similar themes too? The designers of ReFocus evoke a simple yet effective feel when using it. While it might not look interesting at first, you catch the hang of it really fast.

Besides presenting you with sharp text, this Kodi skin also has crisp and clean menus with endless libraries.

Utilitarian Design

As the main focus, you can experience swiftness when going through the available entertainment content. Though not processor intensive, the speed is satisfactory and it will not experience lag when watching.

You can use of with a wide range of devices.

#7 Mimic

Far from what other Kodi skins offer, Mimic is built for easy use while getting the highest quality entertainment. With a simple pointing device or the wireless keyboard, you can easily go through a vast amount of content in no time.

From the main menu, you can do a lot of configurations, right from adding to the menu to creating a favorites list. There are 15 interesting visualization modes to choose from.

Lightning Shiny and Blazing Fast

Browsing through your media will be such a joy, thanks to the smooth transitions in place. They are mostly light and will not result in lags. All content is sufficiently described and suggested according to what interests you most.

You can try out these and many more Kodi skins to take your entertainment to the next level; cable is no longer a thing.

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