7 Times a Smartphone Maker Took a Shot At Its Rival

The smartphone market is filled with great smartphones and companies are always working to release the very best. The competition is so strong that a past failure or uncommon change will likely cause a reaction from its rivals. Throughout the years, several companies have taken their time to go after their biggest rivals with ads and social media posts. In the last few years alone, the battle has gotten even more interesting with companies releasing entire commercials. Here are seven times a smartphone maker took a shot at its rival:

Samsung Galaxy: Growing Up

In November 2017, Samsung took a shot at Apple by comparing its devices throughout the years. In the video, we see an iPhone user slowly make a change to a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 device. At the end of the video, the company even makes fun of the notch found on the iPhone X, which had been released the day before. Apple did not respond to the video but Motorola did take its time to show us why we should upgrade to a Moto Z2.

Motorola – Up-upgrade

Motorola’s ad picks up where the Samsung Galaxy: Growing Up ad left off. The video begins with a guy coming home with his Samsung device. He is having fun with his device when his girlfriend brings out a Moto Z2 Play with its Moto Mod projector.

OnePlus 5T – The Cactus Test

Samsung is no stranger when it comes to making fun of other smartphone makers through commercials but this doesn’t mean that the company is safe. OnePlus took a shot small shot at Samsung by comparing the performance of its OnePlus 5T and the Galaxy Note 8. In the video, we see the OnePlus 5T opening several apps a little bit faster than the Galaxy Note 8. This doesn’t prove much but it reminds us that OnePlus is not afraid of making fun of its rivals every once in a while.

OnePlus Makes Fun of Apple’s Headphone Jack Removal

It’s been some time since Apple removed the headphone jack from its iPhone. The removal happened all the way in the iPhone 7 release but companies are not done making fun of that decision. Yesterday, OnePlus decided to make fun of that during its OnePlus 6 announcement. Carl Pei, OnePlus co-founder, said this during the launch event:

“Just one thing though. I wonder. If you can connect your earphones using Bluetooth, you don’t need a headphone jack anymore, do you?”

The OnePlus co-founder made the joke when he was talking about the new OnePlus wireless headphones that are shipping alongside the OnePlus 6, which keeps its headphone jack. The joke starts at around 1:14:00.

Huawei Makes Fun of iPhone X and Galaxy S9+

Huawei announced its P20 Pro smartphone with triple cameras and the company wasted no time in comparing its pictures to those from the iPhone X and Galaxy S9. In the beginning of the video, we see a Huawei official compare pictures taken from a P20 Pro and iPhone X. There are big differences as the Huawei P20 Pro picture is very clear while the iPhone X night shot is very dark. The Huawei official then compares another picture between the P20 Pro and Galaxy S9+. The picture from the P20 Pro looks good while the one from the Galaxy S9+ is nearly a black screen.

Here is a video from the Gadget Icon YouTube channel:

Samsung Galaxy: Moving On

Samsung’s latest shot at Apple involves the iPhone performance throttling that made news a few months back. In the ad, we see an iPhone user experience several issues with her device. She eventually goes to an Apple Store, where she is told by an employee that there are just a few solutions, including upgrading. The woman leaves the store and runs into the guy with the notch haircut that appears in the Samsung Galaxy: Growing Up ad. This time the man is holding a child who also has a notch haircut. The woman decides to upgrade to a Samsung device, just like the guy in the previous ad.

Google Makes Fun of The iPhone

In October 2017, Google announced its Pixel 2 smartphones and made fun of Apple products in the process. The company took small shots at its competitor, including the lack of features between devices with different sizes. The Pixel smartphones have been around for just a few years but it appears that Google has decided to join in on the roasting session.

Here is a video from Tech Insider:

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