Blackview P10000 Pro – The Perfect Low Light Smartphone Camera

While most modern smartphones can take good pictures, it gets substantially harder in poor conditions. When it comes to challenging environments you really need a premium camera.  Things like poor lighting conditions (such as those at night) can lead to mediocre quality photographs.

Additionally you need to make sure your battery size and screen quality are up to par if you’re planning on using your phone as your “mobile photography studio.” Long photo sessions demand a battery that can keep up with you. That said the Blackview P10000 Pro is a perfect fit with it’s 11000mAh super-battery with 5V/5A fast charge. Mix that with the dual rear cameras that thrive in low light conditions.

The Blackview P10000 Pro camera pulls this off by actually using a 4 cameras system that consists of 13MP + 0.3MP front cameras with a single LED flash and 16MP + 0.3MP rear cameras with dual LED flash. The main rear sensor consists of a Sony IMX298, F2.0 big aperture, minimum 100 ISO camera. Plus the pre-packaged camera application has a variety of modes to fit whatever your needs may be.  These include “Video”, “Photo”, “FaceBeauty”, “Blur”, “Mono”, “Panorama” and “Pro” modes.

That said what good is a bunch of numbers and specs?  Let’s see the photo’s the camera produces!

Also check out this video of the camera performing in low light environments.

Although the weather conditions are not very good the photos out of P1000 Pro is sharp, vivid, and detailed. In particular, photos from the oceanarium are really a pleasure to look at. As the phone is pretty new all the hardware specs are on point and the camera will only get better as the camera application is upgraded over time.

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