Brazil: Camera Captures Moment When Female Police Officer Stops Armed Robber

A female police officer who was waiting to enter a school for a Mother’s Day event had to take out her gun and stop a criminal who pointed his gun at a group of people. The incident happened in front of a private school in the city of Suzano, Sao Paulo.

The group of people was waiting for the school to open for a Mother’s Day event. In the video, several people are seen standing on the sidewalk and walking by. At one point, a man with a jacket comes towards the group and points a gun. Some of the people step back as the robber attempts to grab something from one of them.

The robber spends a few seconds attempting to grab something from one of the people but he was being watched by a woman who was right next to him. In just a few seconds, she gets close to him and shoots him. The group of people run in different directions while the car that was parked there leaves.

Police Officer Reacts To The Robbery

The robber falls on the road while the female police officer takes cover behind the car that is attempting to leave. The robber is seen laying on the road with the gun on his side. He appears to put his hands up as the female police officer gets close.

The police officer kicks the gun away from him and grabs it. She drops her purse, puts his gun away and keeps him on the road while she waits for backup to arrive. Later in the video, a man is seen getting close and waiting to help the police officer, who took control of the situation after the shots.

Video Goes Viral In Brazil

In the video, the robber is seen moving after he was shot but infobae reports that he was transported to a nearby hospital, where he later died. According to the news site, the man shot twice before he was shot three times by the police officer.

The reaction of the police officer, who was on her day off and was waiting to attend the Mother’s Day event, has gone viral in Brazil, where incidents like this one are common. Authorities have confirmed that she is a police officer in the city of Sao Paulo, Brazil.


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