Camera Captures Moment When iPhone Bursts Into Flames

A security camera has captured the moment when an iPhone went up in flames at a repair shop in Las Vegas.

The video, obtained by KTNV, shows the iPhone going up in flames as an employee is working on another device nearby. In the video, the employee is seen working on the right side of the desk when the iPhone, which had been placed on the left side, suddenly goes up in flames. The employee jumps from his chair during the explosion and waits for the flames to stop.

The iPhone that exploded had been left at the store for a repair since the screen had cracked over an expanded battery. The owner of another electronics store told KTNV that it is possible that an overheated battery can expand and eventually explode inside the device, adding that it takes a lot.

The employee was not injured in the incident but the video shows that the explosion caught him by surprise. Leaving the phone on the other side of the desk turned out to be a good idea since the explosion sent some smoke and flames up in the air.

This is not the first time that an incident like this one happens at a repair shop. In March 2017, a man from Queensland and an employee had to step away from the desk after an iPhone 6 Plus exploded. The man brought the phone to get the screen fixed but it began smoking right before he handed it to the employee.

The man, his wife and the employee all stepped away from the desk as the phone overheated. The employee is seen leaving for a few seconds and returning with a fire extinguisher.  The explosion left the phone completely destroyed and the repair shop had to close for the rest of the day. The three did not suffer any injuries in the incident.

Earlier this year, another incident was caught on video. The incident happened when a man decided to bite an iPhone replacement battery at an electronics store in China. Reports say the man decided to bite the battery to see if it was authentic. The explosion happened right in his face but the good news is that no one was injured. The video went viral in China shortly after the incident happened.