Chile: Lottery Files Complaint Over Fraud In Ticket Case

A complaint has been filed by the lottery over the case in which two men are saying they won the prize. Yesterday, experts hired by one of the men revealed that they could not confirm the validity of the ticket.

The lottery has filed a complaint over fraud since the company has confirmed that only one winning ticket was sold. Experts who looked at Javier Zapata’s ticket could not find the number of the draw and the date. The 14 page report only identified a few things from the ticket.

Javier Zapata was the first to claim the prize but the case has continued for weeks since his ticket is in bad condition. The lawyer representing Zapata told reporters that they could not respond to the doubts from the lottery with the report. The report shows some of the information that was found in parts of the damaged ticket.

Zapata told reporters that he believes his ticket is the winner. He claimed the prize a few weeks back but the case took another turn when a second winner appeared just hours before the deadline. The second ticket appears to be in better condition but some of the information is still not visible.

Zapata’s ticket was in doubt since the condition made it difficult to confirm if it was really bought for that draw. The appearance of a second winner made things even more complicated for the lottery.

The man who claimed the prize hours before the deadline explained that he found the ticket in a bag when searching for a band-aid. That ticket is also in bad condition since the man explained that it was found folded in the bag. Both tickets have been examined but no winner has been announced.

On Tuesday, Zapata submitted the report, ticket and all the information he has to authorities. His lawyer told reporters that this is another opportunity to find more information that could solve the case. The information was submitted in the same offices in which the lottery filed the complaint.

Jose Riveros, the second man to claim the prize, submitted his ticket to lottery and it is being examined by experts. It is now up to the district attorney to determine if any of them committed fraud.

The prize the men are claiming is of CLP 2.4 million ($3.7 million). A decision is expected to be made in the next few days.