Checklist for Assessing College Essays

Writing a term paper, research paper or essay in college is exactly the type of academic writing you take part in while getting a higher education.  These assignments help students build their writing and research skills which open doors to a variety of jobs in the future.

One of the ways some students handle this workload is by using services like for dissertations, standard coursework or any other written papers. 

If you do go this route you want to make sure you are getting a paper that meets your standard and requirements. The list below should help you determine the key points and what to look out for when it comes to reviewing the work ranging from research papers to admission essays, literature reviews or even a thesis. 

Checklist for Assessing College Essays for Sale

Usually, websites that provide online custom college essays contain free examples for their clients to review in order to demonstrate the quality of writing, structure, and overall organization. So we’ll get started by reviewing the sample of college papers for sale on according to our essay evaluation checklist.

So let’s go through each part step by step to make sure it doesn’t leave anything out.

  1. Does it Have a Title Page?

A title page is like a face of a person, it’s the first thing you look at when you see him or her. In addition to just having a title page you need to make sure it’s formatted appropriately according to a necessary style, whether it’s APA, MLA, Chicago or Harvard style. Getting this step wrong in the process is a tell tale sign that they didn’t “cross their T’s and dot their I’s.”

  1. Does The Introduction Do it’s Job?

The introduction paragraph needs to convey the main idea of the paper while also catching the readers interest. An ideal introduction should not only give a reader a roadmap of the author’s arguments but do so in a way that makes the reader excited to learn more. The University of Maryland University College provides a detailed guideline on how to write an introduction that not only creates interest but effectively outlines your arguments.

  1. Are There Sentences that Don’t Make Sense?

If there is a required word or page count a lot of authors may “stuff” the essay or paper with meaningless drivel. Make sure you spend some time reading through each and every sentence to see if that’s the case. If you purchase essay samples from a writing agency don’t take their word that their writers are experts or even native english speakers. Review the content yourself! 

  1. Is the Paper Free of Plagiarism?

What good is a quality paper if it’s completely plagiarised? Either do a check yourself or make sure the service you use provides effective plagiarism checkers. has a Free Plagiarism Checker you can use to verify if the service you’ve chosen “does it right.”

  1. Is There a Concluding Paragraph?

The conclusion is the most important part of any essay, bar none. Making sure that you wrap everything up and bring it all together at the end is the key.  A weak conclusion can take an otherwise great paper and end it on a poor note.  Worst of all this is the last thing your reader or teacher reads.

So before you decide who you should hire and click order for that next Accounting essay be sure to choose a trustworthy custom paper writing service.  Don’t just go around looking for the cheapest option, that’s a quick way to end up with poor results. Instead, choose a trustworthy company to work with!