Florida: YouTube Prankster Arrested After Active Shooter Lie

A prankster has been sentenced to three days in jail after he was caught lying to people about an active shooter in the area. Dillon Burch was arrested during the late hours of Monday after he went up to people at a Walt Disney Resort in Orlando, Florida and told them that there was an active shooter.

Mr. Burch was reportedly telling people to evacuate the hotel and his lies quickly led to a lockdown by authorities. Police told local media that the lockdown came over significant disturbance.

WKMG reports that a manager at the hotel told the prankster that he couldn’t do that prank. The manager also told the man that police were on their way. WKMG obtained the police report which said that the prankster told a hotel employee that he was doing a prank for a YouTube video.

Mr. Burch left the hotel and ran to the parking lot after learning that authorities were searching for him. He was later found hiding in bushes. Mr. Burch was charged with disturbing the peace and disorderly intoxication. He has also received a ban from Disney World. On Tuesday, he pleaded no contest to the charges and was sentenced to three days in jail.

Earlier this month, a group of students at Bowie High School also tried to do a similar prank but instead of warning people about an active shooter, the group of students wore black masks and dark clothing. The group of students rushed into the school with water guns and fireworks in a stunt that simulated the incidents that have happened in recent years.

The principal said in a letter to parents that the students sprayed staff with the water guns and also set off fireworks in the hallway. Parents were not happy with the prank and some students suffered minor injuries. One parent told local media that his daughter had been burned by the fireworks. His daughter said that most students at the school knew it was a prank. Police were also not happy with the prank since they say not everyone knew what was going on.

The principal wrote in the letter to the parents that the school administration was taking this incident very seriously, adding that she is really disappointed by the dangerous and reckless behavior of the small group of students.