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HaloCam C1 Dashcam Review

I’m a big fan of dashcams, so I was very happy when I was offered to review one. I was even happier when I noticed how many features the HaloCam C1 dashcam has! In today’s review, we will be reviewing this those features and the dashcam in-depth, to answer the only question that matters, should you buy it?

About HaloCam C1 Dashcam

This dashcam promises lots in its neatly constructed body. Other than the obvious feature of recording while you drive, it offers much more – remote picture taking, an app that you can use to see the footage in real time, driving assistance, card condition detection, a social media network (!) and several more. So this is indeed a very exciting product for not just the people that are looking for a new dashcam, but for all tech geeks interested in cool products. Let’s start the review with the most important feature of them all – the recording itself.

HaloCam C1 Video Quality, Sound, Picture Quality

The dashcam starts recording in 1080p 30fps video as soon as you turn on the car. The C1 uses the Sony STARVIS sensor, which enables it to provide great looking recordings no matter the conditions. And honestly, it works as advertised. You’ll be able to see all the important details (such as car plates) on your recordings without any blur. The video looks way above average, especially when you consider the price of this product. The C1 has a wide eye lens that covers 165 degrees, which is more than enough to record the important areas.

I was also impressed when I saw how good the camera works during the night. While many of the lower-priced options will completely lose their quality once dusk approaches, this isn’t the case with the HaloCam C1. Thanks to the STARVIS sensor, the footage still looks very clear and the camera is able to catch all the important details.

The dashcam also has a microphone to record audio. The quality of your audio recordings will be satisfying, but perhaps a bit too muffled. However, it should prove to be more than enough for the intended use.

HaloCam C1 Build & Design

One of my favorite things about this product is its design. It’s built to be compact, yet sturdy, which it accomplishes. The dashcam looks very minimalistic and doesn’t take up a lot of space, which is very important because you don’t want it to block your field of view. The only thing that I consider bad is that the latch is kind of hard to put on, at least in the beginning. So you probably don’t want to take the dashcam on and off constantly, because it can get tedious. But it’s nothing that I mind too much.

HaloCam C1 Usability – Cool Features

As mentioned, the C1 has several very useful features that aren’t too common, especially in the price range. One of them is the wireless remote controller that is included in the package. Using the remote, you can instantly take pictures or record short videos. Especially useful if you see anything interesting on the road, which probably happens more than you realize.

If you also buy the OBD-GPS cable and connect the dashcam directly to your car, you will open up a whole new level of usage. With that setup, you get a smart vehicle diagnosis system (battery voltage, fault codes, cooling system, etc.), parking monitor, GPS tracking, driver assistance (collision warnings, lane departure warnings, and a 0-60MPH timer. Unfortunately, I don’t have the cable yet, so I’m unable to comment on the features. However, they do sound very useful and I’ll be buying a cable as soon as possible to test them out.

HaloCam C1 – The Halo App

One of the very original ideas of the HaloCam is the app that you install on your smartphone and connect to your dashcam. It is used to provide some of the above-mentioned features (such as the 0-60 timer or the driving habits tracker). You are also able to see the footage live from your smartphone, which is very useful when you’re setting up the dashcam for the first time.

The app also has a social media feature through which you can share your footage and pictures with other users. It’s a fine idea, but a bit bland in the current state. Hopefully, it develops to become something more.

HaloCam C1 Review Conclusion – Is It Worth Buying?


  • Great video quality
  • Above average night-time footage
  • Compact build, non-distracting
  • Decent audio quality
  • Wireless remote controller
  • Packed with features (additional equipment required)


  • Tedious to put on/off
  • The app is a good idea, but not the best execution

Overall, you can’t beat the quality of this dashcam for the price. You will get more than you paid for – great video quality, decent audio quality, great build quality, lots of usable features. The only thing that’s lacking is the app, but software can always be improved. If you are in the market for a new affordable dashcam, I believe that the choice is obvious.

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