India: Man Commits Suicide Over High Electricity Bill

A man allegedly committed suicide on Thursday after receiving a high electricity bill. The $13,000 electricity bill had an error that made it a lot more.

Jagannath Shelke, who worked as a vegetable seller in the state of Maharashtra, left behind a suicide note, according to his family. The suicide note mentions that the bill was very high.

The bill had a huge error but the man never found out, despite making several trips to the electricity company. Officials have revealed that the actual bill was Rs. 2,800 ($41.55). The man’s family alleges that officials did not help him out.

The man was charged for 61178 units of electricity but the correct charge was 6117.8 units. The error led to a huge amount for the electricity bill. One official of the electricity company told the BBC that the bill was wrong because of a missing decimal point. The official added that they have taken action against the employee responsible for the bills.

Authorities have filed a complaint against the employee of the electricity company for sending the bill. The company decided to suspend the employee after the news of the man’s suicide surfaced.

The official who spoke to the BBC said that the issue had not been resolved because the man never submitted a written complaint to the company. Shelke’s family have said that he made several trips and that he was not helped by officials when he approached them.

Shelke’s brother said that he received a call from him eight days ago in which he said that he was worried about the amount. He said he told him that officials were threatening to seize his property. Shelke’s daughter says the bill was a big shock for him since he was under a huge financial burden.

Earlier today, The Times of India reported that the family had accepted the body after the police filed a complaint against the employee. They also report that the family has demanded compensation from the company or a job for his son.

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