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Meika Woollard Snapchat Username – 2018 Profile ID

Meika Woollard is a teenaged Australian model, who also promotes herself on social media. She is signed with the Melbourne-based modeling agency called Giant. Meika is a big name in kid fashion in Australia and has been involved with many of the large kid-centered brands there.

How Meika Woollard Got Famous

Meika was born on April 24, 2004, in Victoria, Australia. She began modeling at an early age and landed her first big gig when she was only three years old. In the 14-year-old’s short career, she has worked her way up to being one of the most prominent kid models. She has made waves in both the fashion and commercial sectors.

Meika has worked with large brands such as Sudo & LIfe bean bags, Target, and Kmart. She has also performed as a catwalk model at the fashion parade for Warner Bros, as well as other big brands like Witchery and Myer. She is now looking at a potential career in acting. She has appeared in two Australian short films as of this writing.

Meika Woollard Snapchat Username -meika.w

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Meika Woollard Other Social Media Accounts

What is Meika Woollard‘s Personal Facebook?

Meika does not have a public personal Facebook profile. Her official page is followed by over 14,000 of her fans. She uses the platform to post new professional modeling photos, and occasionally shares photos of herself with her sisters, who are also models. Meika is not a consistent poster – she has not shared any content since January. Whenever she does post, her fans love interacting with her.

What is Meika Woollard‘s Instagram name?

Meika is much more active on Instagram, which makes sense because it is a more visual platform. Her 394,000+ followers are treated to even more of her modeling photos and the occasional candid video or photo.

What is Meika Woollard‘s Twitter name?

Meika has tweeted 828 times since she joined the platform in July 2016. Much of the content is aggregated from her Instagram account. Her 5,342 followers are active on her page, and enjoy liking, commenting, and retweeting her photos.

What is Meika Woollard’s Kik Username or Code?


What is Meika Woollard‘s YouTube Page?

She joined YouTube at the beginning of 2017 and posted three videos that show some aspects of her personal life with her family and friends. She hasn’t posted on the YouTube channel since May of 2017.

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