New Samsung Ad Mocks iPhone Performance Throttle

Samsung is back with a new ad and this time it mocks the iPhone performance throttling controversy that happened a few months back. The latest commercial is actually similar to the last one we saw, the user experiences a few issues with the iPhone and they eventually decide to upgrade.

Samsung Galaxy: Moving On

This commercial is all about the throttle performance of the older iPhones. The ad, called Samsung Galaxy: Moving On, begins with a woman waiting in line with an iPhone 6. She is called by airport security but her phone takes a bit to respond. We then see another woman get through with her Galaxy S9 without any problems. As she is making her way through the airport, she gets a message from her mom asking her if she has upgraded from that iPhone 6 yet.

The commercial then cuts to her on the plane and she is having issues with her iPhone again. The passenger right next to her happens to have a Galaxy S9+ and is watching a movie with no problems.

The Problems Continue For Her

She then has a problem again as she is trying to find her taxi in the rain. She tells the driver to stop at an Apple Store, where an employee gives her two solutions, including upgrading. She walks out of the store and walks past the same guy with the notch haircut in the previous commercial. This time the man is holding a child, who also has a notch haircut.

The commercial ends just like the other one, with the iPhone user getting a Samsung device. This ad comes just six months after Samsung mocked previous iPhones and the notch that is found on the iPhone X.

Motorola’s Response To First Commercial

There are a few differences between those two commercials though, the previous one involved a number of previous releases while this one focuses more on the performance throttle. The Samsung Galaxy: Growing Up commercial also featured a Galaxy Note 8 while this one features Samsung’s latest release, the Galaxy S9 and S9+.

The Samsung Galaxy: Growing Up commercial also led to a response from Motorola, which followed those events by featuring a Moto Z2 and its Moto Mods.

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