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Polar M400 GPS Sports Watch & Activity Tracker Review

The Polar M400 is a watch that combines the functions of a fitness tracker with the functions of a smartwatch. While a bit old, Polar is a big name in the field of heart rate monitors. The M400 is equipped with many additional features, like notifications from your phone, step counters, and a whole lot more, this watch is sure to help improve your fitness activity and life.


The Polar M400 Sports Watch and Activity Tracker is full of a whole suite of options. This includes integrated GPS, which can be synced to your smartphone to track any number of options like distance, visually drawing out the map, and speed. It also includes running cadence, which helps to gently pulse against your wrist and keep your strides in perfect timing. The recovery status function tells you when to take it easy and when to pick the pace back up, and the training benefit feature helps to break down your workouts and set goals for the next workout.

Each user has individualized training targets and customized sports profiles, and the app creates running programs and running indexes. It not only works to track your steps, distance, and calories, but also your sleep quality. The watch can notify you when it’s time to go to bed, and even gently begins to buzz against your wrist ten minutes before your alarm, leading to a pleasant morning. The Polar M400 Sports Watch and Activity Tracker also comes equipped with notifications, inactivity alerts (it will buzz you if you haven’t moved in a while), and is all managed by a suite that can be accessed from any web browser or from your smartphone. This app is called the Polar Flow app, and can even be synced with the Polar H7 Bluetooth Smart Heart Rate sensor to track your heart rate and even measure calorie consumption.


The M400 suffers in the hardware category, unfortunately. The watch is powered by a simple CR2 battery, which means you will have to shell out money for batteries constantly. And no, the watch is not rechargeable – rechargeable CR2 batteries are actually difficult to find. There have been many disputes of the pedometer also being off by numbers between 5 to 10%, which bodes poorly for the watch. Still, the Polar M400 comes with a variety of functions that more than make up for the hardware’s shortcomings. The watch is waterproof of a depth up to 10 meters.

The Verdict

At the price of $189.99, the Polar M400 Sports Watch and Activity Tracker may not be the best investment. Still, the watch can frequently be found on sale for a price around $100. The smart watch comes in black, white, red, pink, and blue. The heart rate monitor tacks on an extra $30, as a version without the heart rate monitor is available for $160 (really, an activity tracker without a heart rate monitor is just a silly purchase). There have been some consumer complaints about the watch, but for a discount, the Polar series of products are always a solid buy.

Personally, my biggest complaint is the lack of a rechargeable battery. This isn’t convenient for anybody, and a 5-pack of CR2025 lithium batteries from Energizer will set you back $5. Sure, the batteries last for around 2 weeks on constant use, but in a year, you’re still spending $30 on batteries that could otherwise be spent elsewhere.

There is a new version of the Polar M400 available, which is the Polar M430 GPS Running Watch. This version starts at $250 and includes the Polar Flow app, but is more accurate and includes a rechargeable battery. The heart rate monitor is built into this version, which means no accidentally ordering the wrong model. The biggest complaint about the M430 is the proprietary charging cable.

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