Sao Paulo Governor Visits Police Officer Who Stopped Armed Robbery

Sao Paulo governor Marcio Franca has visited the police officer who on her day off fought back during an armed robbery. His visit to congratulate the police officer for her actions comes just days after the video of the incident went viral.

The video, which went viral over the weekend, shows a group of people waiting in front of a school. The school had scheduled a Mother’s Day event and the group was waiting for the school to open.

Man Points Gun

In the video, a few seconds go by before a man wearing a sweater shows up and points a gun at one of the people. He then tries to grab something from one of them but is surprised by one of the women, who is a police officer in the city. She was on her day off but was carrying her gun at the time.

Fast Reaction From The Officer

The thief is shot three times as he attempts to rob one of the people. Reports say the shots hit him in the chest. In the video, he falls to the ground and drops his gun. The group of people that were waiting for the school to open immediately ran after seeing the thief point his gun. The thief does not attempt to grab his gun as he is seen moving on the road in pain.

The female police officer kicks the gun away from him after he was shot. He is seen moving after exchanging fire but reports say he died shortly after he arrived to the hospital. The video of the incident quickly spread across social media.

Police Officer Had Heard of Another Incident

The incident happened in front of a private school in the city of Suzano in Sao Paulo. The school had organized a Mother’s Day event and many children and their parents were waiting outside. Reports say the man fired two shots before he was shot by the police officer, who is seen taking cover next to a car. At the end of the video, she turns him around as she waits for backup.

A video from a local media report shows the governor visiting the police station and handing a bouquet of flowers to the police officer. The police officer was prepared since another mother had complained of a robbery before, according to local media.