Texas Nurse Plans To Sue US Customs After Her Money Was Seized

A nurse from Texas had her money seized by US customs and it was later returned but she still plans to take them to court. It all began last year when Anthonia Nwaorie was boarding a plane from Houston to Nigeria but was stopped by officials.

The Texas nurse had $41,000 seized by US customs, leaving her without the money she planned to use in Nigeria. She was traveling to the African country with the money to start a medical clinic but her plans were paused after the money was seized.

Last Friday, US customs returned the money to the nurse but the case appears to be far from over as she has confirmed that she plans to take them to court. She released a statement explaining that she is glad to have the money back but that it isn’t over. She added that she wants to make sure nobody goes through what she’s been through.

Her case caught the attention of the media and she was returned the money shortly after that. US customs seized a total of $41,377 that she was carrying to open the medical clinic in Nigeria.

Nwaorie was born in Nigeria but moved to the US 36 years ago. She had been saving the money for a while to open the medical clinic in the state she was born. The Texas nurse said that she did not know about the requirement to declare when someone is carrying more than $10,000.

The money was seized since the requirement asks travelers to declare over $10,000 when leaving the country or entering. This left her without the money for her plans but US customs did tell her through a letter in April that she would get the money back. The letter added that the money would be returned on the condition that she signed an agreement confirming that she would not take legal action against the government.

Nwaorie’s money was returned just a few days ago, despite refusing to sign the agreement mentioned in the letter. She not only refused to sign the agreement but also filed a lawsuit against them earlier this month. With the lawsuit, she is looking to end the practice in which people have to sign an agreement for the money to be returned. The attorney representing the nurse told The Guardian that she filed the lawsuit because she doesn’t want this to keep happening to other people.