Texas: Samsung Washer Explodes In Home

An Irving family was shocked to see that the explosion they heard in their home was from their Samsung washer. Faisal Nuree said it happened on Saturday, when they suddenly heard a boom sound. Nuree and his wife first thought the explosion came from somewhere else.

Before the incident, Nuree’s wife put a mattress pad inside the washer. The family later heard an explosion, which they thought came from another area of the house. They were all in other rooms when the explosion happened.

The family looked around the home and initially didn’t think it had anything to do with the washer. After running around to see what happened, they found out that it came from the washer, which they bought three years ago.

Pictures after the incident show that the Samsung washer was completely destroyed by the explosion. Nuree says the force pushed the washer away from the wall and blew off the top of it.

Nuree later found out that the washer had been recalled by the company a while back. He says he didn’t know about the recall and that the company never notified him about it. The washer was bought by him back in 2015 and the family had used it in their old home and the one in Irving, Texas.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 isn’t the only product that the company has recalled in recent years. Right around the same time of the failed release of the phablet, there were reports of washing machines experiencing more vibration and parts detaching from them. In some cases, the owners or those nearby suffered injuries.

In November 2016, there were more than 700 reports of washing machines experiencing issues. The company recalled 2.8 million washing machines after the complaints. The recall involved 34 of Samsung’s washing machines sold at Lowes, Sears, Home Depot, Best Buy and other stores where appliances are sold. Five years ago, the company recalled around 144,000 washing machines.

The washing machines were recalled over an issue that could get to the electrical connector and cause a fire. The recall, which involved 2010 – 2013 models, happened in Australia.

Samsung released a statement to WFAA saying that it regrets the experience the family had and takes reports very seriously. The statement adds that they have contacted them to learn more about what happened and to resolve the matter.