Texas: US Border Patrol Agents Find Tiger Cub In Duffel Bag

US Border Patrol agents opened a duffel bag that was left behind and made a surprising discovery. It all began when the agents, who were working near Brownsville, Texas, spotted three people trying to enter the United States.

The agents saw that the people were carrying a duffel bag with them. The alleged smugglers ended up running away from the agents and crossed back to Mexico. They left behind the duffel bag and agents returned to check what it had inside.

They opened the bag and noticed that there was a tiger cub. The animal was calm when the bag was opened. They believe the tiger cub was sedated at some point. The tiger cub was transported to a zoo in the city.

It is not the first time in recent months that US Border Patrol agents find a tiger cub. Earlier this year, a teenager was sentenced to six months in jail after he was caught attempting to smuggle a tiger across the Mexico – United States border.

Authorities made the surprising discovery back in August 2017. The tiger cub was found hidden in a box that was in the floor of the vehicle. The teenager’s lawyer said he wanted to keep the tiger as a pet but authorities had doubts about that story since they knew he was involved in an animal smuggling business.

Authorities used messages as proof that the teenager was involved in the animal smuggling business. In the messages, he talked about receiving money for exotic animals. The tiger was seized and is now living at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park with another tiger that has the same age.

In early 2017, Mexican authorities also made a similar discovery. The tiger cub was found in a plastic box after authorities used a sniffer dog to check the packages. The animal was sedated, placed in a box and sent to an address. Authorities revealed that the tiger cub was only dehydrated and that it had been transported to an animal management center.

Authorities revealed the news through their Facebook page, saying that the animal found in the box is a Bengal tiger about two months old. The box had been filled with paper and there were several holes on it. Authorities revealed that the documents for the tiger were real but that it was seized because it is illegal to send an animal.