Argentina: Man Burns Car As It’s Being Towed

A tow truck was getting ready to take away a car in the Argentine city of Neuquen on Thursday but workers were surprised when the owner of the vehicle came out with something to stop them.

Workers already had the car on the tow truck when the owner came back out with a molotov cocktail. Before that incident, the owner had thrown a brick at them. The car was being removed near his home and workers thought he had calmed down when he went back to his home.

He came back out with the molotov cocktail and threw it on the car that was on the truck. A video after the molotov cocktail was thrown shows the inside of the car on fire. A man, who appears to be one of the workers, is seen attempting to unload the car from the tow truck.

A city official explained that the car had to be removed from the area because it was blocking a construction. Reports say the car was abandoned when the workers came to take it away. The city official added that the man had been notified three times in November, March and a week ago.

Pictures after the incident show the car completely destroyed in the inside. No one was injured during the incident but this slowed down the removal process since workers had to wait for the fire to be over. Local media reports that neighbors came out to help the workers stop the fire.

Authorities were called but the person who threw the molotov cocktail could not be found. The city confirmed that the incident had taken place when the car was being removed from the area. Local media reports that the car, a Peugeot 504, will be held by the city until it is time to crush it. The car is among the many that the city plans to crush in the next few months. The official revealed that the city removed more than 1,000 cars last year.