Buffalo Wild Wings Apologizes Over Series of Tweets After Hack

US restaurant company Buffalo Wild Wings has apologized over a series of tweets that were posted after its Twitter account was hacked. The company’s Twitter account was hacked on Friday night and it began posting offensive tweets shortly after.

The Buffalo Wild Wings Twitter account currently has 704,000 followers. The company confirmed that the tweets were deleted 20 minutes after they were posted. The company later tweeted that they were hacked and it wasn’t funny. They also apologized and added that the tweets obviously did not come from them. The company has said that it will pursue the appropriate action after the incident.

The offensive posts, which were up for just a few minutes, included racist comments and insults to another fast food company. Several posts mentioned the N-word while another made insults to fast food chain Wendy’s. Film producer Tariq Nasheed was also targeted in one of the posts and he later tweeted that he was still waiting for an apology over the tweet. He later made another tweet about the company confirming that its account had been hacked.

Buffalo Wild Wings is not the first company to have its Twitter account hacked. A similar incident involving another fast food chain made news last year when the account posted several insults.

In March 2017, a McDonald’s Twitter account was hacked and it later posted insults against US President Donald Trump. The account had more than 150,000 followers at the time and the tweets were quickly deleted.

The McDonald’s account later tweeted that Twitter had notified them that their account was compromised. The tweet added that the post had been deleted, the account had been secured and that they were now investigating.

The fast food chain later released a statement saying that based on their investigation, they had determined that the account was hacked by an external source. The statement added that they took action to secure it and apologized for the tweet made when it was hacked.

The account is one of many from big companies that have been hacked in recent years. Many of the hacked accounts have posted racist comments or insults against celebrities or politicians. A few days before the McDonald’s incident, other Twitter accounts were hacked. The accounts made several tweets over the diplomatic dispute between Germany, Turkey and the Netherlands. The social media company later said that the source of the attack was a third party app.



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