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CopyCrafter Review

CopyCrafter’s main objective is to help individuals looking to create original, copyrighted content. Their mission statement is to create a service with high standards, to inspire customers through their work, and to guarantee quality and professionalism with all clients.

About CopyCrafter

CopyCrafter has been helping people create content since 2015. They have a team of writers that write, edit, or proofread high-quality content for any publication, blog, or social media platform. Orders can range anywhere from a simple tweet to a book. With 24/7 access to writers, CopyCrafters works to have an individualized approach to every order.

They welcome customer feedback and will work hard to meet expectations.

How Does It Work?

There are 5 easy steps involved in bringing your creative concepts to life:

1. Submit an Order – No money needed in advance!

2. Assigning a Writer – Provide information about what kind of writer you are looking for.

3. Quality Check – Explain the project to your selected writer and work with them to answer all questions and concerns.

4. Delivered – Get the first revision back, voice any changes that you would like completed.

5. Revision – Work through revisions with your writer, until you have a final product that you are happy with.

CopyCrafter Services

In addition to custom writing projects from CopyCrafter, they also provide the following top-notch services to the following media formats:

  • Blog Posts – If you have a blog or website CopyCrafter can take a lot off your plate by taking over all the content creation
  • White Papers (persuasive, research & useful) – If you are looking for a white paper, the expert writers at CopyCrafter can handle whatever your needs may be. Seriously take a look at all the areas of expertise their writers specialize in here.
  • Website Pages – Similar to blog posts they can tackle entire pages for your website with ease
  • Books – Think your projects too big? Guess again! CopyCrafter can not only help edit or proofread your book, they can also write entire ebooks based on your requirements
  • Press Releases – Does your business or organization have some big news you want the world to know about? CopyCrafter can help with detailed and informative press releases for any occasion
  • Speeches – Have to give a big speech but don’t have the time to put it all together. Look no further!
  • Tweets – If you aren’t on social media you’re leaving potential customers behind. Copycrafter can take the stress out of managing your Twitter account by providing you with the perfect content for sharing with your followers
  • Articles – If you have a topic you need an article written for CopyCrafter is ready for action. No matter the niche or topic, they have a writer who can handle it
  • Product Description – If you’ve ever written product descriptions you know how monotonous it can be. Plus a quality product description not only results in increased sales but also increased search traffic. Investing in quality product descriptions will pay for themselves 10x over.
  • PowerPoint Presentations – If you’re a student or work in business you are probably sick of PowerPoint presentations. Let the pro’s handle them for you so you don’t end up pulling out all your hair
  • Business Reports – Last but not least, business reports. The last thing you want to mess up is a business report. The writers at CopyCrafters know exactly what needs to be in your business report and the best ways to present the information

Our Review

Using CopyCrafter is a very easy process. The order form is very user-friendly and provides specific details by clicking on the “info” sign, located at the end of every field name. After you provide payment you are able to start working with your writer, asking questions every step of the way while also providing a deadline for the finished product. When your order is completed it is delivered to your personal order page. Revisions and feedback are welcomed until you are
happy with the final product. The process is incredibly personal and individualized to every project.

During our review process, we found out what truly sets them apart is the quality of writers up and down the “roster.” You can find a ton of services that offer copywriting, essays, SEO content etc. The problem is most of the time you would be embarrassed to not only present this content to someone else but putting your name or stamp of approval on it is a definite “no-go.” With CopyCrafter this isn’t a problem at all. In the end it really doesn’t matter what type of job you send their way. They have someone on staff that’s up for the task and fully capable of providing exactly what you need.

Mix this with an easy to use service, simple payment system, and great rates mean you’ve got a winner. It’s rare to find a one-stop shop that can tackle any of your content needs but CopyCrafter fits the bill. It’s blatantly obvious we aren’t the only ones that feel that way. Take a look at some of the glowing testimonials from users here.

In the end, if you’re looking for an all in one solution to your content “woes” look no further.



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