Fortnite Season 4: Week 6 Challenges Leaked

Fortnite’s Week 5 challenges were released on Thursday but the challenges for next week have already leaked. There are seven challenges, just like previous weeks, and there are one or two that could take some time. Here are the leaked Week 6 challenges:

Search Three Supply Drops (5 Stars)

This one could take the most time out of all seven challenges as players will have to search three supply drops. Supply drops often catch the attention of opponents, so be careful when waiting for one.

Search Chests In Loot Lake (5 Stars)

The search the chests challenge will take place in Loot Lake. This one could take a few tries as there are only a few chests in the area. There are two dangerous ones on the boats and there is usually another in the house located in the island. The little island right next to the big one usually has a chest as well.

Deal 1000 Damage With Shotguns (5 Stars)

The deal the damage challenge is back and this time it is with shotguns. This weapon is quite common in the game and it shouldn’t be too difficult getting 1000 damage.

Spray Over 7 Omega and Carbide Posters (5 Stars)

Recent updates have added posters with the Carbide and Omega skins. The posters have been there for a few days and now we know what they are for. Remember that you need to spray over them, so make sure you have a spray emote equipped.

Eliminate 3 Opponents With SMG (10 Stars)

This one doesn’t sound too difficult as SMGs can be found all around the map. This one is actually easier than this week’s challenge since LMGs and Miniguns are not as common as SMGs.

Eliminate 3 Opponents In Retail Row (10 Stars)

Next week’s challenge is now for Retail Row. The area is usually packed with players and it will become even more packed once this challenge is out.

Search Between a Playground, Campsite and Footprint (10 Stars)

This one is easy, just search between those three places and you’ll get the star. If you’re not a fan of looking around, you can always search for a video showing the exact location of the star.

The Week 5 challenges have only been out for four days, so you still have plenty of time to complete them.

What do you think about the upcoming challenges? Have you completed all the challenges so far? Let us know in the comments.


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