France: British Man Shot Dead After Dispute With Farmer

A British man was shot dead in western France after a dispute with a farmer. Authorities say the incident, which happened on Tuesday, started when the man was taking out the trash.

The British man, identified as David Daniels, lost his life when he was shot outside of his home at around 7 p.m. French prosecutor Jean-David Cavaille said during a press conference that two men were arrested two hours after the incident. One of the suspects arrested is an 85-year-old man while the other is his son.

Reports say the suspects were neighbors of the victim. The man’s son is said to have worked in the farm of Mr. and Mrs. Daniels. Local media reports that the man’s son is also under investigation for an attack against the victim last year.

Authorities have launched an investigation but the prosecutor said the murder may have been over a dispute involving a lease and differences in opinion over the land. Other reports from local media suggest that the dispute may have started over a trash bin.

Those reports say Mr. Daniels had taken the trash bin outside of his farm. The reports also suggest that this may have been a long dispute. Authorities don’t know if the incident began over that or if the suspects were planning to shoot Mr. Daniels.

News about the incident quickly spread around the village, which has less than 300 residents. One resident told local media that he noticed there was something serious happening when he saw a person pulling one of the doctors from the surgery near the store he was in. He added that authorities and emergency services arrived to the area shortly after. The incident has left residents shocked and the resident who spoke to local media said some decided to lock themselves in.

Reports say the British man and his family had lived in the area for twenty years. British media also reported that he owned a property in the country and that he would spend some time there every year. The mayor also spoke about the incident, saying the death was a big loss to the village. The mayor revealed that Mr. Daniels would often donate money to the village. He would also participate in events held in the country, such as classic car races.