France: Paris Hostage Incident Ends With Arrest

A long standoff between an armed man and French authorities has ended with the arrest of the man. The standoff, which lasted four hours, began when the man entered the building pretending to be a food delivery courier.

The man reportedly hit another man but he was able to escape. During the incident, a pregnant woman also escaped. Authorities did not give any details on the man that had been hit but did reveal that the pregnant woman was treated for shock by emergency teams.

Authorities arrived to the area and began negotiating with the man, who claimed to have a gun and a bomb. Reports say the man asked to be put in contact with the Iranian embassy in the city.

Authorities and Suspect Negotiated

The man reportedly held several hostages in the courtyard of the building. Authorities and the man began negotiating shortly after. French authorities also brought anti-explosive robots. Emergency teams were also there to treat those that escaped.

The first person to escape told authorities that the man had hit him in the face. He escaped but the man took other people hostage. The man reportedly told authorities that he had a letter that he wanted to give to the Iranian ambassador. He requested for that letter to be given to the ambassador.

Four Hour Standoff

Police surrounded the building and negotiated with the man for four hours. The man first claimed to have someone working with him outside of the building. At around 8 p.m., authorities confirmed that the hostages had been released and that the suspect had been arrested. Authorities revealed that the hostages were safe and sound but shocked.

During the incident, reports say that the man drenched one of the hostages with gasoline. He also spilled the gasoline around the room where the hostage was being held. French Interior Minister Gerard Collomb confirmed through a tweet that the man had been arrested and that the hostages were out of danger.

Authorities Launch Investigation

Local media reports that the requests from the man were confusing. They have also reported that authorities believe he has no terrorist links and that he is not on any list of potential security threats in France. Authorities have now launched an investigation into the incident.