Judge Orders Release of Brazilian Boy Detained In Chicago

A judge in Chicago has ordered the release of a boy who was separated from his mother at the US – Mexico border. The order was made by judge Manish Shah and it gave the boy immediate release.

Diogo has spent a month at a shelter in Chicago. The judge ordered for the boy to be released on Thursday but no other details were given. The boy’s mother, Lidia Karine Souza, applied for asylum and was released from a detention center earlier this month. She is currently living with family members near Boston.

Immediate Release

The attorneys representing her said they would pick up her son on Thursday afternoon. They also released a statement saying that they are hopeful that this decision will benefit other families in a similar situation.

Souza’s attorneys had filed a lawsuit to demand immediate release for the boy, who spent his ninth birthday at the shelter. Souza was only allowed to speak with her son once a week for 20 minutes.

Boy Kept In Shelter

Souza was detained at the border in May and spent weeks searching for her son. The two were separated but she was later released. She says she had to fill out almost 40 pages of documents required to regain custody.

The process of regaining custody was not done there as she had to contact family members for other documents and wait for the release. She says she was told that rules had changed and that she needed to bring family members in the US to fill out more documents.

Souza told the AP that she came from Brazil out of necessity. She requested asylum but they were separated. Souza was released on June 9 but her son was kept at the shelter in Chicago.

First Visit On Tuesday

Souza visited her son for the first time since their detention on Tuesday. The visit was only for an hour. After their separation, Souza had no information on where her son had been taken. She learned about his location when another detained mother said she knew of a boy named Diogo who was being held at a shelter in Chicago.

Souza was first told that her son would be released in late July. On June 20, US President Donald Trump signed an executive order to keep families together. The order came shortly after a wave of criticism over the separation of families.