South and North Korea Agree To Have Joint Teams For Asian Games

South and North Korea have agreed to compete at the upcoming Asian Games with joint teams. The agreement is another move to strengthen the diplomatic gains made in recent months.

South and North Korea have started meeting again in recent months. The agreement is similar to the one made just a few months ago. This one appears to be much bigger though as there will be several joint teams.

A statement from the two countries says that the South and the North will continue to have unified teams for other international sporting events. With the agreement, the athletes will also march together during the opening and closing ceremonies of the 2018 Asian Games. They will march under a unified flag.

The two countries did something similar during the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang. For that sporting event, the North and South agreed to form a joint women’s hockey team. They also marched under a unified flag.

The two countries had a historic meeting back in April in which they agreed to have joint teams for events such as the Asian Games, which will take place later this year. North Korea’s leader also met with US President Donald Trump earlier this month. The historic meeting came after high tensions between the two countries earlier this year.

There will be several joint sports teams with the agreement recently reached between the two countries. It was not revealed which sports would be part of the agreement. In the previous event, the two countries only had a joint women’s hockey team. Organizers had to make a few changes as the sanctions from the UN did not allow US companies to provide sporting equipment to the North Korean team. North Korea and Iran were also banned from receiving the free Samsung Galaxy Note 8 smartphones. A few days later, the IOC cleared the two countries.