Spain’s New Interior Minister Wants To Remove Razor Wire Fences From Territories

Spain’s new Interior Minister Fernando Grande-Marlaska has said he will do everything possible to remove the razor wire fences in the territories near Morocco. The fences in the territories of Ceuta and Melilla have been there for years but many have been injured.

The small enclaves near Morocco have become a popular destination among African migrants who are looking to get to Europe. Many of the migrants have attempted to climb the fences but some have left with serious injuries.

The 20 ft fences separate Morocco from the Spanish territories. A lot of the fences have razor wire to prevent people from climbing over. The sharp razor wire hasn’t stopped many from attempting the climb.

The Spanish Red Cross recently revealed the number of people that have been injured by the fences. The organization says 25 people have been treated for cuts this year. Ten of them had to be transported to hospitals.

The new Interior Minister told radio station Onda Cero earlier today that he is going to do everything possible to have those fences removed. He added that it is one of his main priorities.

The Interior Minister explained that the goal should be to stop them before they get there. He finished by saying that it is not reasonable or acceptable to see them jumping over the fence.

The fences were first added 13 years ago but they were later removed because people were suffering serious injuries. The fences were brought back in 2013 by former Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy.

The fences have left several people with cuts and reports say one man from Senegal lost his life when the wire caused a serious injury to his neck. Spain’s new Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez also spoke about removing the fences a few years ago.

In recent years, the two Spanish territories have been the site of several incidents between authorities and migrants. In January 2017, more than 50 guards were injured when hundreds of migrants tried to enter Ceuta. Authorities said the migrants attempted to climb over the fence.

Authorities also confirmed that two migrants were injured during the climb. Reports say over 1,000 migrants reached the fence and about 100 decided to make the climb. A few months before that, a similar incident saw hundreds reach the fence. Reports say many of the people looking to make it to the territories are living illegally in Morocco.