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Taylor Hill Snapchat Username – 2018 Profile ID

Taylor Hill is currently a 22-year-old Victoria’s Secret Angel. She started her impressive career as a young teenager, after being discovered by her current manager, Jim Jordan, while on summer vacation at a resort. She walks for various designers, as well as doing print advertisements and editorials.

How Taylor Hill Got Famous

Taylor was born in Palatine, Illinois on March 5th, 1996. She and her siblings grew up in Colorado. She wasn’t always interested in modeling. She was a gymnast as a young child. Her first modeling gig was for an Italian clothing label called Intimissimi in 2013. Since then, she’s done work for Forever 21, Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue, Pop Magazine, Chanel, Jimmy Choo, and Marc Jacobs, among others.

Taylor Hill Snapchat Username – taylor_hill

taylor hill snapchat

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Taylor Hill Other Social Media Accounts

What is Taylor Hill’s Personal Facebook?

The model does not have a personal Facebook profile that is public, but she still has an official page for her 309,895 followers. She doesn’t share much original content on this site, choosing instead to make sure her fans are seeing her Instagram and Youtube pages. Taylor’s posting schedule is a little unusual – she will post multiple times in one day, and then not again for a few weeks.

What is Taylor Hill’s Instagram name?

As a model, Taylor’s best and most popular social media account is naturally Instagram. She loves sharing both her occasional selfies – either make-up free just-woke-up photos or fun pics with her dog – and her professional modeling pictures. She is followed by 10.4 million fans who love to interact with her posts. Each photo has hundreds of thousands of likes and hundreds of comments.

What is Taylor Hill’s Twitter name?

Taylor Hill joined Twitter in the spring of 2011. All of her recent Tweets are cross-posted from Instagram. She only follows 103 people, but she has almost 300,000 followers. Taylor has tweeted 3,474 times since she joined. Occasionally she retweets fans or organizations that mention her.

What is Taylor Hill’s Kik Username or Code?


What is Taylor Hill’s YouTube Page?

Taylor shares a YouTube channel with her siblings – her sisters Logan Rae and Mackinley, and her brother Chase. They mostly share vlogs about fashion and their lives with their 51,435 subscribers. Their videos have gotten over 4.5 million views since they joined in July 2012.

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