UMIDIGI Z2 VS Huawei P20: Which one has the best design? (video)

The new UMIDIGI Z2 stacks up well against even the best in the business! It’s prepared to take a shot at the Huawei P20. 

Both phones have beautiful, cutting edge displays. The UMIDIGI Z2 has a 6.2 inch screen that comes to bat with a 1080×2246 resolution, the coveted 19:9 aspect ratio. On the other hand the P20 by Huawei is .4 inches smaller and sports a nearly identical 1080×2244 resolution. This results in a 18.7:9 aspect ratio.

Obviously both phones have great screens however only the UMIDIGI Z2 utilizes a small “chin” so you get more screen for your “body” buck (if that makes sense.) Add to this the ability to hide the navigation bar while in full screen mode and you’ve got a lot of screen to work with.  Toss in the latest stock Android 8.1 (instead of the Huawei which uses their own EMUI-AL 8.1) and you’ve got a great phone with a great OS.

Both phones have a beautiful gradient twilight colour on the back while the P20 integrates a flat body vs the UMIDIGI Z2 which has a four side curved glass body.  From a weight perspective they are also very similar so it comes down to preference. 

You can get the UMIDIGI Z2 Pro on presale for $249.99 directly on their website. The Huawei P20 is currently selling for $599.99 on This presale price starts on the 11th June at 8 AM (UTC).

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