US Territories Won’t Vote For 2026 WC Host, Report Says

Morocco has received a late boost for its 2026 World Cup bid after reports revealed that US territories will not vote. The Guardian has reported that the territories will not vote and sources have confirmed the same to ESPN FC.

Morocco, which has submitted one of the two bids for the 2026 World Cup, has written to FIFA about the territories on several occasions. The Moroccan Football Federation reportedly wrote to FIFA about that last month.

The vote to choose the host of the 2026 World Cup will take place tomorrow. Each FIFA member has a vote but those bidding for the tournament will not be allowed to vote. Reports say Guam, Puerto Rico, American Samoa and the US Virgin Islands will not vote.

Morocco vs. US, Canada and Mexico

The joint bid from the US, Mexico and Canada seemed to be a strong one early on but the race could be very close. Morocco, which is bidding for a World Cup for the fifth time, has received the support of many countries. The North African country came close to hosting the 2010 World Cup, losing the race by just a few votes, according to reports.

In recent weeks, several countries have announced which bid they will support. France was one of the first to announce its support for the Morocco 2026 bid. Dominica also announced its support for the bid at the time.

Countries Supporting The Bids

Germany recently revealed that it will support the joint bid from the US, Canada and Mexico. The confirmation came just days after the DFB said that it was unclear on which bid it would support.

Germany is the only European country that has announced its support for the US bid. The Netherlands recently announced its support for Morocco, joining France, Serbia, Belgium, Russia and Luxembourg as the countries that will support that bid.

Over ten African countries have announced their support for Morocco. Namibia, Zimbabwe and Liberia have said that they will support the US bid. South Africa initially said it would support Morocco’s bid but its sports minister later said it would not. ESPN reports that all the CONMEBOL teams will vote for the US bid.

The 2026 edition will be the first to have 48 teams. The expansion of the tournament was approved in January of last year and it adds 16 more teams. The group stage has also been changed from four teams to three teams.