Video of Incident Between Uber Driver and Police Officer Divides Chile

A video of an incident between an Uber driver and a police officer has divided Chile. According to authorities, the incident happened when the driver kept moving his car, nearly running over the police officer in front of it. Authorities say the driver tried to avoid a routine check outside of Santiago Airport.

The driver, who was the one that recorded the video of the incident, was shot in the arm and shoulder. He was transported to a hospital after the incident and authorities have confirmed that he is not in critical condition.

In the video, the driver uses his smartphone to record the police officer, who is standing in front of his car with a gun. The police officer is seen pointing the gun and ordering the car to stop.

The driver is heard telling him to step aside because he is illegally stopping him. The driver repeats the same thing a few times before he begins moving his car with the police officer in front. A few seconds later, the police officer fires at the driver. The video ends a few seconds after the police officer fires.

Local media reports that the man attempted to escape with his car when he was told by one of the police officers that the vehicle was going to be towed. Reports say the car had two passengers and they exited the vehicle when the police officer stopped him.

The police officer suffered a leg injury during the incident and was transported to a hospital. The driver was transported to another hospital and he was detained for attempted homicide of a police officer.

The incident has divided Chile, with some saying that the police officer did the right thing while others say he took things too far. Several Uber drivers drove around the presidential palace and the airport to protest. The service debuted in Chile in 2014 and currently has thousands of drivers.

Chile’s President Sebastián Piñera spoke about the incident during the inauguration of a police station in Santiago. The president gave his support to the police officer, explaining that no one has the right to oppose or resist by force a detention. He added that they are not going to tolerate those who think they have the right to go against the police officers.