What Happened to Liz Lee? – 2018 Update

Liz Lee, most known for starring in the mockumentary series “My Life as Liz,” is a fairly underground actress. Her most noteworthy acting gig was in her titular biopic mockumentary, the afore-mentioned “My Life as Liz” produced by the MTV Network. Outside of that, Liz Lee keeps a quiet profile and pops up every here and there. Read more to find out about who Liz Lee is, and if she’ll pop up sometime soon.

What’s Liz Lee Doing Now in 2018? – Recent Updates

Liz Lee has not appeared in any recent acting roles, although she is still fairly active on both Twitter and Instagram. On Twitter, her most recent post was from April 2017 and she has close to 250,000 followers. On Instagram, she has 14,000 followers and is far more active posting images than on Twitter. Her instagram does contain questionable, typical “artsy” content that is slightly disturbing. Viewer discretion is advised.

Liz Lee’s most recent project involved releasing an extended play on the Bandcamp platform. The album is named “Kyrie” and shares the name with the band. Three tracks were released (“Dirty, Feel Bad”, “Bubble Master”, and “Donuts 4 Work”) and the album is priced as “pay what you can.” The album was released on July 27, 2017, and remains the only work to be released by Kyrie. I was unable to find any sales data on the album, but from listening to the songs (which combined play at about 8 minutes and 30 seconds), they just…. aren’t pleasant to listen to.

About Liz Lee

A picture of Liz Lee from the MTV Awards Show in 2012

Liz Lee was born to a small family in a quiet town of Texas in 1991. She enjoyed an otherwise normal upbringing, although in her high school years, she admits to being an awkward outcast. Liz Lee’s biggest break came when she managed to land an acting gig for the biopic “Neal Cassady” as a small part in Ellen Brown. Neal Cassady released in 2007 She would go on to receive an uncredited role for another movie, The Missing Person.

Liz Lee’s biggest break came when she has signed on to the MTV Series My Life as Liz. MTV had put out a casting call for a new situational comedy show, and Liz managed to land an audition. From there, the show began to evolve and eventually took the shape of revolving around Liz.

Liz Lee attended the Pratt Institute, which is a private, non-profit university based out of the Clinton Hill neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York. Filming also took place for the second season of My Life as Liz at the Pratt Institute, which means that Liz managed to double down on her education and acting career.

Liz currently lives in Burleson, Texas, and has been romantically involved with fellow actor Eric Wareheim. The two keep a low profile about their relationship.

Liz Lee is most known for her appearance on the MTV series, “My Life as Liz”

Liz Lee’s Rise to Fame

Liz Lee’s rise to fame (and subsequent fall from it) came in the form of “My Life as Liz Lee.” Sadly, after the gig was up, Liz was unable to find any more acting gigs. In 2012 through 2013, she retained a job as an office manager for television show ‘Axe Cop’ which only lasted two seasons. Since My Life as Liz ended in 2011, she has found five other acting gigs. The most famous was her role as Hallie in the television series “NerdTerns.”

My Life as Liz was critically panned and given harsh marks. The show was created as a mockumentary format and took the liberties of sometimes distorting reality. The show’s creators remarked that when Liz was around other people, they wanted to keep things grounded and realistic but when she was alone, they could add some wonky visual effects. There’s one scene in My Life as Liz where Liz dresses up as a superhero and has a montage of her doing usual superhero duties.

Unfortunately, My Life as Liz lasted only two seasons. The show is still subject to critical reviews and has largely been labeled as a show that is sloppy and not good. Fans have gone through and ripped apart every single detail from the show, starting from the location of the show (Burleson, where the show takes place, is immediately next to Fort Worth with a population of a million people) which presents itself as “small-town.” Worse, Liz has had her “nerdy” persona stripped of any credence. My Life as Liz takes special care to shoehorn in references, typically Star Wars ones, but Liz has come out and admitted that she forced herself to learn about Star Wars in order to make the show appeal more to “nerds.”