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Wondershare RecoverIt Free Review

Losing data is a huge hassle whether you’re an average Joe or a big company. I think we can all agree that losing your data, especially if it’s important, sucks. Luckily, even if you accidentally deleted something (or it was lost through an accident), not all hope is lost. The folks from Wondershare are offering a solution for all of your data recovery needs. Let’s take a look at RecoverIt Free, their free data recovery software.

RecoverIt Free – About The Software

Wondershare – The Company Behind RecoverIt

Whenever I review a software program, I always start the review by taking a look at the company that’s behind it. Nowadays everyone can create a legitimate-looking website, no matter what their intentions are. Luckily, there’s nothing to worry about with Wondershare. This company was founded all the way back in 2003!  Their first products were related to multimedia, but they have since expanded to a much wider selection. In 2011, they were listed on Forbes’ “China Potential Enterprises” list. I’ve personally used their software for a while now (both for review testing and personally), and they’ve always come through for me.

RecoverIt Free – What Is It Really?

Now that we know a thing or two about the company, we can focus on the product. RecoverIt Free is the free version of RecoverIt, Wondershare’s data recovery software. But you could tell that already by now. Let’s talk about what makes RecoverIt worth your consideration. The first thing that comes to mind is the sheer amount of supported files. And the other thing is all of the recovery options that they offer, ranging from Recycle Bin recovery to Lost Partition Recovery. We will cover both of those down below, of course. And finally, the really impressive thing is that you can get most of that at zero cost, with the Free edition of the software. Now that we know a summary of this software, let’s take an in-depth look at it, shall we?

RecoverIt Free – Features & Options

Supported File Types

The sheer amount of types of files that this software can recover is astonishing. If you don’t need some absurd niche filetype, you’re golden. RecoverIt Free supports the following types of files:

  • Documents – all of the mainstream Office, Adobe, eBook and similar files (DOC, PPT, PDF, HTML…)
  • Graphics – all the standard picture formats, and a little more (JPG, PNG, BMP, RAW, DCR, CR2…)
  • Video – same as above, more than you’d expect (AVI, MOV, MP4, VMW, FLV, SWF…)
  • Audio – all major music formats (MP3, MIDI, AAC, WAV…)
  • E-Mail – all the local email files created by your clients (PST, DBX, EMLX…)
  • Other – all sorts of other useful data you probably use (ZIP, RAR, SIT..)

As I’ve said, if you’re just some everyday person who lost their files, you won’t have any problems finding them. If you lost some very specific file types that not many people use, then you may be in luck, but may not. However, this is far above the standard, and I applaud Wondershare for that.

Supported Data-Loss Scenarios

Like with the file types, here we have an abundance of options as well. Whether your system crash for some reason or you had a virus attack, RecoverIt Free has got your back. Here are all of the supported data-loss scenarios:


  • Deleted Files Recovery – if you accidentally (or less accidentally) deleted some files
  • Recycle Bin Recovery – if you deleted important data from the Recycle Bin
  • Formatted Drive – if you lost data while formatting a drive
  • Lost Partition Recovery – if you lost an entire partition of your drive
  • External Data Recovery – USB data recovery, external HDD recovery, etc.
  • Virus Attack Data Recovery – if a virus or malware corrupted or deleted your files
  • System Crash  Recovery – if you have an unbootable Windows system that you need to recover data from
  • All-Around Recovery – if you cannot easily recover lost data, this is the option for you

Thanks to all of these categories, the program is really simple to use as well. After launching the program, you just need to select your category and scan the device. Then you get a preview of all the files the program recovered, from where you can choose which ones do you need to be restored.

Supported Devices

No matter if you lost data on an HDD, an SSD, a USB drive or some other device, RecoverIt Free can help you get it back. The supported devices also include cameras, music players, pen drive, mobile phones, and more.

RecoverIt Free – Differences From The Paid Version

You do indeed everything that was mentioned with the free version of RecoverIt, which is an amazing value for zero cost. However, there are some limitations. Three of them, to be exact:

  • RecoverIt Free supports up to 100MB worth of files, while the paid version supports an unlimited amount
  • The free version doesn’t support “Deep Scan”, which is an advanced scanning module
  • And finally, the free version doesn’t support recovering bootable media

Everything else is included, which again, is amazing for a free software. My take on it is as follows. If you just need to recover some pictures (the most commonly lost data) or documents, the 100MB cap should be more than enough. If you have more than that, then paying for it is probably worth it, since that’s a lot of lost data!

The pricing of RecoverIt starts at $39.95 which is more than acceptable in my opinion. It’s likely that the files are worth far more than that anyway.

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