Thursday, March 30, 2023

Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 Renders Show Big Changes

Xiaomi released the Mi Mix 2s a few months ago but renders have shown that the real changes could happen with the Mi Mix 3. The Mi Mix series has seen a number of releases in just a short amount of time and it is not surprising to see that renders of the Mi Mix 3 are now surfacing.

Impressive Front Camera

The Mi Mix 2s brought just a few changes including a much better processor but the latest renders of the Mi Mix 3 show an entirely difference device. The renders include something that might become popular with smartphones in the near future. We’re not talking about triple cameras but a pop up front camera.

The technology is available in just a few devices today but it might become popular as the companies are doing everything they can to reduce bezels. The renders show that the phone might keep the same design from previous releases. The large screen and the dual vertical cameras are there, just like on the Mi Mix 2s.

The big change would be the front camera since previous releases have featured them on the bottom corner of the phone, a placement we rarely see on phones today.

Mi Mix Series

Xiaomi has not confirmed the device but it wouldn’t be surprising to see a new launch in the near future. The Mi Mix series debuted back in October 2016 and has seen two other releases since. The Mi Mix 2s was released not too long ago but many see it as more of an upgrade since there aren’t many changes compared to the Mi Mix 2.

The Mi Mix series has been a huge success for the company since its debut in late 2016. The phones have sold out in record times and the series is quite popular around the world, despite being a limited release.

Will It Launch This Year?

Xiaomi has released a number of devices this year, including the Mi 8, but a Mi Mix 3 launch would be a huge announcement in 2018. The pop up front camera looks like an interesting addition that would make the device more than just an upgrade. Xiaomi would also be among the first to make this addition since the pop up front camera is on just a few devices.

What do you think about the renders? Have you bought a Xiaomi smartphone? Let us know in the comments.

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