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Colombia: Three Graffiti Artists Killed By Train In Medellin

Three graffiti artists were killed by a train in Medellin when they entered the station. Reports say the graffiti artists entered the station with no authorization and were planning to paint one of the trains that was parked.

The group did not know that the train on the other side would begin operating earlier than usual. The three graffiti artists were ran over by the train when workers began making some tests and moving it on the track.

Metro de Medellin released a statement to El Colombiano saying that the trains open their doors to the public at 4:30 a.m. The statement adds that the trains are moved just a few minutes before to see if they are operating correctly.

El Tiempo reports that the three men entered the station illegally and were planning to paint one of the trains parked between the Aguacatala and Poblado stations. Reports say that the three men were accompanied by two other people. Reports say the two people fled the scene when the incident happened.

Authorities are still investigating to see how the group entered the station and to find who were the two others that were accompanying the three graffiti artists. Metro de Medellin tweeted to its users that three stations were out of service after an incident on its tracks.

A statement explained that the incident happened in the early hours of Sunday before the trains opened their doors to the public. The statement added that the train ran over three people while it was being tested.

It is the second deadly incident involving graffiti artists in recent weeks. Last month, three graffiti artists lost their lives when they were hit by a train at the Loughborough Junction. Authorities found out about the incident when a train driver spotted the bodies between the train station.

Authorities later recovered the bodies and found spray cans nearby. The train station was not open to the public at the time but reports said the group was probably hit by an empty train that was moving to another station before the service began operating.

The train service was suspended while authorities worked on taking pictures of the graffiti and finding the items that they were carrying with them. The Guardian spoke to an artist who explained that the section has some of the oldest graffiti in the area and that it is well-known.



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