England: Pages Raise Money To Repair Damage Left During Celebrations

England’s 2 – 0 victory over Sweden in the quarter-finals led to celebrations across the country. Fans took the streets to show support for their national team but some took things too far. In some places, fans celebrated on top of cars and bus stops, leaving thousands of pounds in damages.

In one incident, a Nottingham taxi driver had his car wrecked after fans jumped on top and started celebrating. The incidents haven’t gone unnoticed, authorities have issued warnings on this behavior since England will soon play Croatia at the semi-finals.

The JustGiving page has also started helping those affected by the celebrations. The online fundraising site has raised more than 2,000 pounds for the Nottingham taxi driver.

Others have also stepped in to help those affected. Millwall Supporters Club has raised more than 5,000 pounds for the ambulance that was damaged in Borough High Street. The ambulance was left with a broken windshield and no wing mirrors.

The taxi that was surrounded by fans was left with even more damages. Videos of the incident show fans celebrating on top of the car. The roof and windshield were completely destroyed by those who jumped on top.

The manager of Nottingham Cars said that the driver was not injured during the incident but was left shaken since he was in the car when it all happened. Chelsea Reason decided to set up the fundraising page after seeing what happened to the taxi driver.

The celebrations drew criticism from other England fans on social media. Many of them were not happy with the destruction they left during the celebrations.

Authorities have issued warnings over the celebrations seen after the quarter-finals game. Nottinghamshire Police have also confirmed the arrest of several people, including a man who damaged a taxi. The National Police Chiefs Council said there had been more than 1,000 football related incidents since the World Cup began.

The behavior seen from some fans after the game has also forced at least one town to make changes. The Middlesbrough Council recently canceled its plans to screen the upcoming game at the Center Square. The decision was made over the behavior seen after the quarter-final game against Sweden.

England will face Croatia in the semi-final on Wednesday. England is coming off a victory against Sweden while Croatia is coming off a win against Russia. France and Belgium will meet tomorrow.




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