Florida: App Unites Neighbors and Police In The Fight Against Package Theft

Neighbors, an app from Ring, is popular among residents in the Tampa area as it is helping them share information on the thieves coming in and taking their packages. Now, the residents will have even more help after Tampa Police announced that it will also be on the app.

The app works through a door bell and camera that is placed on the door. The technology connects with the internet and allows the user to see who is at their doorstep. The app can be used through a smartphone, PC or tablet.

The app registers every visit, which means that users can look and see who is behind the suspicious activity. The app is already popular among residents but police have now joined in to reduce the thefts that are happening in the area.

How Does It Work?

The technology detects movement near the home and sends instant notifications to the user that has set up the camera and doorbell. Users have already caught people attempting to break into their homes or acting suspiciously. Authorities have also arrested a man who is accused of stealing packages from people’s doorsteps.

Infobae reports that Santiago Rodriguez is being accused of stealing more than $300 worth of packages from people’s doorsteps. The thefts were reported last month.

Police and Residents Working Together

The Neighbors app is available in many places but Tampa is one of the few where authorities and neighbors are working together to stop thieves. Tampa Police Chief Brian Dugan said this is a classic example of police and residents working together to make the city safer. He added that the application makes it easier for neighbors to help each other in their community. Dugan finished by saying that the app also makes things easier for them since they can identify and capture criminals faster.

Coming To Other Cities?

The app’s success in stopping thieves has already caught the attention of a few other places. The Tampa Bay Times recently reported that other cities are also interested in the idea. Their plan is to have something similar to what Tampa residents and police now have.

The Neighbors app was officially launched on May 8 for iOS and Android. The app is made by Ring, which was recently acquired by online retailer Amazon. The launch was actually the first move of the company since the acquisition.