Mexico: Tultepec Warehouse Fireworks Explosion Kills 19

At least 19 people have been killed after a fireworks explosion at a warehouse located in the city of Tultepec. The two explosions happened near a market where several people lost their lives in a fireworks explosion in 2016.

Several people were also injured in the fireworks explosion in Tultepec. Authorities said many of the victims were firefighters and rescue teams who had showed up to the scene when the second explosion happened.

The city has seen several incidents involving firework explosions. In recent years, there have been two explosions that have destroyed a market near the warehouse where the incident happened today. In 2016, more than 40 people lost their lives when fireworks exploded in the market.

The 2016 explosion completely destroyed the market and many residents called for it to be shut down. Mexico’s president promised to rebuild it and help the people who had lost their jobs and businesses.

Two Explosions

Deadly firework incidents such as the one today are common in the country. The incident today began at around 9:30 local time. One witness was quoted by AFP as saying that she was eating breakfast when there was a terrible blast. She added that they left the house running and saw a white cloud in the sky.

Local media reported that the explosion destroyed at least four shops. The explosion led to a fire in the area but that was controlled by emergency services. Authorities said that emergency teams showed up to the scene after the first explosion when a second one occurred. The second explosion killed several rescuers and firefighters.

Deadly Incidents

The incident comes less than two years after the deadly explosion at the San Pablito market. The incident left 42 people dead and more than 80 injured. It was not the first incident involving fireworks in the market. In 2005, dozens of people were injured in an explosion there. In 2006, there was another explosion there.

Earlier this year, Mexico News Daily reported that more than 500 people were injured during a fireworks display in Tultepec. Officials confirmed that most of the injured had suffered mild burns. The incident happened during the burning of bull-shaped frames that carry fireworks. The news site also reported that there was a death that same day but it didn’t happen during the celebration. The death happened when an artisan was working with a fireworks device and it exploded on his hands.