Russia: One Person Killed In Sochi After Car Hits Group of People

A 63-year-old Russian man lost his life and three other people were injured after a car drove over a sidewalk and struck pedestrians in the city of Sochi. Authorities have opened an investigation into the incident, which was captured on camera.

Authorities believe the driver may have fallen asleep right before the incident took place. Sochi is one of 11 Russian cities hosting games for the World Cup. Sochi will host the quarter-final match between Russia and Croatia on Saturday.

The video shows the car speeding onto the opposite lane and driving towards the sidewalk. The car barely misses a tree before driving over the sidewalk and hitting the people that were walking there. Authorities said the incident happened about 30 miles from the stadium.

The incident comes less than three weeks after a taxi injured eight people in central Moscow. In that incident, a taxi drove over a crowded sidewalk. The incident was captured by a security camera in the area.

The video shows the taxi driving normally before it suddenly drives over to the sidewalk. The car hits several people that were walking by and it is stopped by a lamppost. The taxi driver attempts to flee the scene but is chased by other people that were at the sidewalk and others on the opposite side.

The incident left eight people injured, including two Mexican citizens who were in the country for the World Cup. Reports said the man told police that he had fallen asleep on the wheel and that he had left his foot on the gas pedal.

A witness told the media that it did not appear to be an accident since he was going slowly and then suddenly drove over to the sidewalk. The witness said that the vehicle struck mostly girls and that emergency services quickly showed up.

Officials later confirmed that seven of the people hit by the car were in satisfactory condition while another was in moderate condition. The driver fled the scene but was detained shortly after. The incident happened a day before Mexico and Germany played their first group stage match.