Senegal: Teachers Jailed Over Exam Fraud

Senegal has jailed several teachers for selling university exam papers. One of the teachers was given a five year prison sentence while another received a huge fine.

The exams were being sold and authorities found out about the fraud when pictures of the sheets started circulating on the messaging service WhatsApp. The discovery forced the university to scrap English, French and other tests last year.

One teacher was given a five year sentence but several others were punished. Some have received a suspension while others have been given a fine. The principal of Lycee de Kahone admitted to being part of the fraud but said the money was not what convinced him to do it.

The principal told the court that he wanted to help someone vulnerable who was struggling to get their baccalaureate. He explained that he was asked for help by someone who had failed twice. He finished by saying that if he really wanted to make money, he would have sold the tests to wealthier people.

The principal was given a five year prison sentence and a fine of nearly $900. His sentence was the biggest of those punished by authorities over the exam fraud. Authorities have also punished teachers who were involved in a similar fraud at two secondary schools.

One of those teachers received a two year prison sentence and a $32,000 fine. Local media reports that the court obtained evidence that the teacher deposited $12,000 from the exam sales to his bank account.

Several teachers under training were also punished over the exam fraud. Reports say some were suspended while others received prison sentences of six months to two years.

The discovery shocked the school district since many were involved in the sale of the exams. Some of those exams were circulating on WhatsApp, forcing the school district to investigate and scrap them.