Spain: Authorities Find Expired Meat In Granada

Authorities in Spain have raided and found hundreds of pounds of expired meat in several provinces. The ham and other meat products were going to be placed back on sale. Authorities carried out raids in different places and found that people and companies were tampering with the seals of the food products.

Most Recent Raid In Granada

The most recent raid took place during the weekend in the province of Granada. It all began when the police stopped a refrigerated truck and inspected the products. During the inspection, police noticed that there was something wrong with the products. They escorted the driver to a warehouse, where they found thousands of pounds of expired meat products. The products were going to be moved to different locations.

In the inspection of the warehouse, authorities found several things wrong with the labeling. They also found signs that the labeling had been tampered with. The meat products are required to have information such as the origin and expiration date.

Authorities Destroy The Expired Products

Authorities are now investigating to see where the products came from. Expired meat products cannot be sold in the country and have to be destroyed. The meat products have to be pulled out of circulation by the owners and that sometimes leads to this type of scam. Authorities suspect that the products discovered were going to be placed on the market.

The expired products found during the most recent raid have been incinerated. El Pais reports that Civil Guard sources have said there is no known connection between the latest case and the one in March. Authorities found thousands of pounds of expired meat inside a warehouse in Mallorca back in March. They said at the time that the warehouse was getting ready to distribute the products to businesses and schools.

Other Raids By Authorities

A raid before that found thousands of pounds of expired meat in Valencia and other regions. This discovery led to authorities issuing a warning to customers telling them not to consume products from several brands.

All of the products found during the raids have been seized and destroyed by authorities. EU statistics reveal that Spain accounts for just a little over 15 percent of the meat production in Europe. The percentage is second to France, which accounts for 34.2 percent of the meat production.