Thieves Steal $27,000 Worth of Products From Apple Store

Four thieves stole $27,000 worth of products from an Apple Store in Fresno, California. The robbery, which lasted a few seconds, was captured by a security camera inside the store. The video of the incident, posted by ABC30 Action News, shows a group of four entering the location and running towards the tables with the electronics.

The thieves, who were wearing hoodies, take just a few seconds to grab all the electronics on some of the tables. In the center of the store, two of the thieves can be seen taking the laptops in one of the tables. The other two appear to be at the front of the store, where they take a few electronics.

Group Escapes Man Standing In The Entrance

Some of the men at the front of the store appear to confront the group but they run off with the electronics. Employees and those visiting the store were shocked by the group, which spent just a few seconds there. One of the girls at the front of the store is seen taking cover under one of the tables.

The group of thieves stole 26 items from the store. The electronics, worth a total of $27,000, were taken from the front and middle tables of the store. The electronics there have securing cords but that didn’t stop the thieves from ripping out the laptops and smartphones.

Various Apple Products Stolen

A police official from the Fresno Police Department said that various iPhones had been stolen. Among the iPhones taken was an iPhone X, which has a starting price of $999. The official also said that a customer stood by the entrance to prevent the group from leaving but was pushed out of the way.

Police are now searching for the group of four that entered the store and the getaway driver. Police have confirmed that none of the suspects showed a weapon during the robbery.

This is not the first time that a robbery like the one in Fresno happens at an Apple Store. Last month, there was a similar incident at another Apple Store in California. In December 2016, a group of thieves crashed a rented SUV into the Palo Alto Apple Store. Authorities later found a second vehicle with the Apple products. Four people were arrested just hours after the theft. Authorities are now investigating to see if the robbery in June and the most recent one are linked.