After WWE Extreme Rules (2018): What’s Next For Raw and SmackDown?

WWE Extreme Rules (2018) is now a thing of the past and many fans are now looking forward to WWE SummerSlam. The PPV was the end of some feuds but was also the start of others. The next WWE Raw and SmackDown episodes will let us know a little more on where WWE SummerSlam is headed. Here is what we could see moving forward:

Bobby Lashley vs. Brock Lesnar?

Bobby Lashley defeated Roman Reigns at WWE Extreme Rules and it now looks like he is in front of the line for a WWE Universal Championship opportunity. Lashley, who returned to WWE back in April, has been given a pretty strong push and there is really nowhere else for him to go except challenge Brock Lesnar.

What’s Next For Rollins?

Seth Rollins started with a huge lead against Dolph Ziggler in that Iron Man match at Extreme Rules but the WWE Intercontinental Champion made a comeback with the help of Drew McIntyre. The match went into overtime but McIntyre once again helped Ziggler retain his title. Some were actually expecting Ambrose to return and cost Rollins that match but that didn’t happen. Rollins could end up feuding with McIntyre or maybe getting in the WWE Universal Championship race.

Rusev Day Over?

Rusev faced AJ Styles for the WWE Championship at Extreme Rules but a mistake by Aiden English helped Styles retain his championship. English spoke to Lana about his mistake on the latest episode of WWE SmackDown but there is no indication that the group will be together. The whole Rusev Day thing has been great but its future does not look good at the moment.

The B-Team

The B-Team continued its dream run at WWE Extreme Rules by defeating Bray Wyatt and Matt Hardy. The new WWE Raw Tag Team Champions are still undefeated but it is looking like their feud with Hardy and Wyatt will continue.

Who Will Be Braun Strowman’s Next Opponent?

Braun Strowman continues his dominating run but he is not really in the headlines for WWE SummerSlam at the moment. Strowman has been nearly unstoppable since arriving to the main roster but he has only held one title, the WWE Raw Tag Team Championships. That run ended quickly since the partner he chose was a kid and he couldn’t compete in the roster. The feud with Owens appears to be over so his next opponent is a big question mark.

Who Will AJ Styles Face Now?

AJ Styles defeated Rusev at Extreme Rules and recently won a close match against Andrade Cien Almas on SmackDown. AJ Styles vs. Andrade Cien Almas was something new on SmackDown but it doesn’t look like he will continue fighting the champion. There aren’t many superstars on the roster that could go against him at the moment. Reports are saying that Samoa Joe could be his next opponent at WWE SummerSlam. That wouldn’t be bad at all but we haven’t seen any indication that this is going to happen. We’ll have to wait and see what happens in the upcoming episodes of SmackDown.

Tag Team Tournament

It is now being reported that Paige has announced a tournament for a tag team match at WWE SummerSlam. The Bludgeon Brothers are coming off a win against Team Hell No. The WWE SmackDown Tag Team Champions did attack the two before the match, leaving Kane out for most of it. The tournament will probably feature teams such as The New Day, Sanity and The Usos.

Jeff Hardy vs. Randy Orton?

Jeff Hardy recently lost his WWE US Championship to Shinsuke Nakamura but what happened after shocked fans. Orton returned and attacked Jeff Hardy, who was still down from the low blow by Nakamura. On SmackDown, Orton did the same to Jeff Hardy. It now appears that there will be a feud between Hardy and Orton that will lead to a SummerSlam match.

Carmella’s Next Opponent?

Carmella defeated Asuka once again and it now appears that their feud is over. The end of the feud leaves plenty of questions for both Asuka and Carmella. Asuka’s main roster arrival hasn’t been the greatest after losing her undefeated streak at WrestleMania 34 and consecutive matches against Carmella. It is unclear who she will face next. Carmella’s next opponent has not been decided but Charlotte is rumored to be returning soon and Becky Lynch has been winning a lot lately.

What’s Next For Bryan and Nakamura?

Daniel Bryan appears to have lost his Team Hell No partner to injury. There is some indication that Bryan will face The Miz in the future as he attacked him on the most recent episode of SmackDown. The attack came after The Miz made fun of Kane and Team Hell No.

Nakamura is the new WWE US Champion but he has no opponent yet. Orton has gotten involved during his matches but it appears that he will go against Jeff Hardy. Maybe we will see a triple threat match between Hardy, Orton and Nakamura?